J-B Stick Weld works on PVC? – Bad Luck

Well the plan was to J-B Stick Weld the PVC and fix the leak.  This was probably one of the worse ideas all year.  But it was inedible.

I tried adding J-B once and it did not help.  Then the second time I added more and it still did not help.  It seemed to leak even more. 

Then after inspecting the PVC with the water off I tried to turn the water back on.  But the water bib was broken then I started to mess with the water bib before the backflow preventer.  Then that water bib was broken.  Then William came over to help and he turned the main water bib and guess what happened.

THREE WATER BIBS BROKEN IN ONE DAY.  Talking about crappy luck.

Then the water meter was buried with dirt and roots.  Also, the concrete housing shifted to make it very hard to turn the water off.

But William did save the day and got everything working correctly.  The setup now has all ball valves this time.  But there was one last problem.  I installed my new used backflow preventer that I purchased.  Well, the backflow preventer leaks like crazy.  So William and I decided to give up for the day and I will replace the backflow preventer tomorrow.