Running hose to one bay


The plan was to run hose to the far right bay. I am replacing all the old screw-on fittings with push-in fittings in the process. IMG_1243.JPG I am running five colors twice for air and chemical. The extra two hoses are for expansion later. In the process I was attaching the foam brush hose and could not get the push connector to let go of the hose so I replaced the fitting. IMG_1245.JPGIMG_1254.JPG While replacing the fitting I must have touched the fitting below it and it started to leak. Then repeat the process for the third in the chain. I decided that every fitting really needs to be replaced apparently. IMG_1247.JPG I also had problems with the foamer. When I attached the new hoses both fitting started to leak. So I replaced the fittings and everything worked. IMG_1250.JPG I ran the foam brush hose on the other side and it is not secured with a tie strap any more. IMG_1265.JPG I removed the old hose and every seems to work great. IMG_1258.JPG