Wylam MH wall pack


I was having a problem with my light bulb being blown. Well, I looked at the old bulb which said: "Philips 175wr h39kb-175 usa j2-_2".  So I went to the store and purchased a "Sylvania Mercury Vapor 175 ANSI Ballast h39".  Which I assumed was the same because the model number of the old was h39 and the ballast of the new was h39.


When I went to install the light it was labeled "Type T or R Metal Halide"  which means I did not purchase the correct one. Can I use the other or do you have to use the correct bulb? Also, when I was trying to replace the bulb half the lights started not to work and I blew the fuse. Apparently, something is wrong with the wires in the MH wall pack. I will have to look at that tomorrow.