FloJet Test Site


I purchased these FloJet pumps with motors a loooooong time ago and today I decided to try them out.  They actually worked!  I am thinking of installing the 3 x 35-OM pumps at Wylam to replace my FloJet air pumps.  The only problem it I need a presser switch.

The Great City of Wylam


So if the estimated population for the zip code of Wylam is 6,600 in 2008,is everyone in the whole city going back to school?  I guess they are going to bus people in from miles around!  Not sure why they picked Wylam for the location though?

Enrollment Statistics for Wylam Schools?

Grade Level Comparison Graph.png

Population  for the Wylam zip code

Age and Sex of Residents in zip code 35224.png

Pine Straw Anyone?


I know this is not an exciting post but I thought it was interesting.  Yesterday a large bag of leafs at my Wylam Carwash and today 2 garbage cans of pine straw at my Hueytown Carwash!  Okay, so it’s not that interesting.

Foam brush problem in Wylam!


What happens when there is a problem with your foam brush in Wylam?  Someone just steals your foam brush!  (Easy)  The problem was the solenoid wires were corroded / had a bad connection causing the foam brush not to work.  Which in turn caused me to get a foam brush stolen!

Not again!

Picture 630.jpgPicture 628.jpgPicture 632.jpg

It is official: this 5 way intersection in Wylam is way to confusing for people.  Another Stop sign was murdered.  Also, someone forgot their stereo (or they prefer a giant hole in there dash instead).