Do you want to exercise your forearm muscles?

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I definately am not a professional tool reviewer but I know after I used this tool my forearm was unbelievably sore.  I had trouble lifting things and I now hate this ViperGrip 8 inch 2 in 1 self-adjusting and locking pliers (IDL Tools International 9050, Lowes).  But I love my Knipex wrenches:  they seem to be great quality and never slip.

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I really liked the idea of having pliers that lock and are normal but….  I used the tool for about 30 minutes straight and at the beginning it was working fine.  Then after awhile of using them as non-locking pliers, they started slipping.  (Second picture) The problem I think they have is the teeth are so small (unlike a viper) and have a tendency of slipping.  (Third picture) The next problem was the larger teeth for the object you are gripping on to.  These seemed to grip fine then slip and get brass flakes all over the place.  The third problem is the pain in my forearm.  I guess the pressure I used to make sure it would not slip was a real work out.  I can’t wait till tomorrow because my forearm is going to be really sore.  I also can’t wait to get my money back on this item.