Vending machine makeover

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I purchased a piece of Optix Acrylic Sheet .220 18 x 24 to replace my yellowing other piece, which cost around $22.  You have to unscrew about 15 screws on my Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II vending machine to remove the old sheet.  I used my Craftsman table saw that I fixed the other day to cut the sheet.  I purchased a little too thick of a piece so .220 will fit but smaller would have been more like the original sheet.  Also the measurements are 16 5/16 x .   Now it looks great.

Max-Vend II Vending Machine


I tried to sell these air fresheners with the cards and it seemed to work fine when I vend a couple myself, but it must have been a bad idea.  What was a good idea was purchasing these “I Love Jesus” air fresheners.  I sold at least 15 out of a 10 pack in 3 days.