Moody tear down fun?


William did some demo to remove the Hamilton entry unit.


I removed all 4 meter boxes today, which was really not that bad.


We also moved the Water Wizard pumping station over the pit today, which is great.  The last picture shows the stuff I got today.

Moody tear down fun?


Today, I did not do anything very exciting except removing a lot of signs, misc. crap and a ton of hose clamps.


 William started to break down the automatic and tomorrow we are going to start tearing out the self serve equipment.

Moody tear down


My Dad sold his Moody carwash to investors that are tearing the place down and I get around 90% of the equipment.  My first project is the vending island removal.  I’m excited!


I removed all the vending machines and I am going to try and remove the island tomorrow.  If anyone has any great ideas let me know.  There is only about a 1″ cap on top of a lot of sand.