Craftsman table saw – Again

Picture 562.jpgPicture 555.jpg

I am starting to hate my Craftsman table saw (model number 137.218240).  I needed to use it to cut some stuff and it would not start again.  It was the switch again.

Picture 556.jpgPicture 558.jpg

The first picture is the actual switch and the metal piece that completes the circuit.  The second picture is what pushes the switch, I love all the saw dust.

Craftsman table saw


I think that this Craftsman table saw is a piece of crap, model number 137.218240.  The motor can pull wood chips into the table saw motor, seems like a bad design.  But that was not the problem.


I decided to check the power switch.  When I opened the switch cover it had sawdust in it.  The last picture shows sawdust in the wire terminals.  I took them all off and cleaned it out than everything was fine.  Terribly bad design.