Water Wizard Preparation – Water lines install

Today William and I installed part of the water lines for the Water Wizard.  I am going to use softened water for my chemicals and street water for my high pressure water.  We also setup the RO water for the Wizard.

IMG_9284.JPG –> IMG_9298.JPG –> IMG_9289.JPG

We added a tee and a 1″ water supply to the soft water supply for the chemical lines.  I could not connect everything because I did not have all the correct parts.

IMG_9285.JPG –> IMG_9303.JPG

We added another tee for the RO water and I did not have all the pieces to finish the rest.

IMG_9295.JPG –> IMG_9292.JPG

I did not have all the correct pieces to connect the main water line either.  Maybe tomorrow I will finish.

Water Wizard Preparation – Low Pressure hose install


Lengthened all the hoses to the Water Wizard unit today.  We still have the rail heat, air line and high pressure hoses to go.  Then I need to connect the soft water, city water, ro water, check the electrical, make sure the phone line works (which it does not), and get service for accepting credit cards.  I also need the final building inspection.  Also, in general, just see if the equipment still works after being transported and stored for such a long time.

As for the phone line I called yesterday about the line and they said it worked.  So I plugged a phone into the phone box attached to the building and I did not get a dial tone.  I assume this should work?  But the person I was talking to could not answer this technical question.  I did learn this though: when calling the phone company, “you should know your phone number”.  I guess everyone gives me a hard time?