Water Wizard Problem


The presoak did not work again and there was pressure built up on the outgoing side of the check valve so the check valve could not open.  I just took the hose off to remove the pressure.  I am not really sure what the problem is so I will need to look at it again tomorrow.

New presoak from KIM Tek


After I finally got my order from Kimsupply.com (after their ordering problem),  I mixed up some “Texas Blue Power” pre-soak. I was surprised that it was blue though (a lot better than green).  I mixed 50 pounds of powder to make 55 gallons of presoak.  The recommended starting dilutions are 64:1 (orange tip).  I will let you know how it works later.

Car wash supply purchase


I need to start documenting my purchases better so I do not purchase the same crappy products all the time.  So….first the FedEx guy gets my stuff off the truck…


The 2 powder chemicals that I purchased were:  1) JBS Hydro White Powdered Tire & Engine Cleaner from Kleen-Rite for $47.57 (JBBX5401).  2) JBS Frenzy Powdered Presoak from Kleen-Rite for $52.54 (JBBX5201).

I have already purchased this tire cleaner before and even though it says white it is yellow.  Also when you dilute it according to directions it is too weak.  So this is the cwguy tire cleaner mix.


First I added 30 gallons of hot water.  Next I opened the garbage bag and scooped out some powder.


I blended it all up and ran it for 30 minutes and pumped it out.  I think that I added the powder too fast because the last picture shows all that was left at the bottom.  It made a total of about 34 gallons.  I will let you know what it looks like when I use it.

Making powder presoak


This is JBS Frenzy Powdered Presoak from Kleen-Rite for $52.54 (JBBX5201).  This product looks just like the JBS tire cleaner.  It also looks the same when mixed up and it costs $5 more.  Now this might have been really stupid so check out what I did next.


I have gotten complaints every time the tire cleaner it not yellow and the presoak is the same color as the tire cleaner.  So I added some red hyper concentrate tri-foam to turn the color anything but yellow.  So I got orange and the last picture is all that was left in the drum.  This time I gradually added the powder instead of dumping it in faster.


Now I have around 46 gallons of ORANGE presoak.  That is a first?