Air Compressor VS Window – Update


FYI:  When you have a crackly window, don’t slam your doors!  A hole may appear and chunks of glass might / will fall all over the place.  The fix you ask?  Everyone has seen it, but don’t make a rookie mistake and use Duct Tape that will mess up your paint and might pull the paint off!  Use painters tape and it looks coooooool!

Paint Lady


I would never believe I would feel sorry for someone that filled up 2 garbage cans full of paint cans and made a huge mess in my bay.  But it happened to me.  

I pulled up to see a lady cleaning out the back of her truck.  I walk over and there is paint all over her and all over her truck.  She said she was done cleaning up her truck and she was going to clean up the bay now.  I told her not to worry about it because I though she would just make it worse.  She wanted to clean out the paint cans with the high pressure gun in the back of her truck and did not realize how high the pressure was so when she pulled the trigger paint went absoutely everywhere.

Mildly funny bunper sticker?


“Custer Was Sioux’d”.  I would not put it on the paint of my car (or on my car) but it was mildly funny.  When I walked into the convenience store I was wondering which employee owned the car.  I believe I figured it out.  It was the woman that had the Native American magazine (the only time I leave my camera in the car).