Water Wizard Leak!


There was a leak I just could not find.  I would fix a little leak and then the floor would still be wet.  It was driving me crazy, but in retrospect you should be able to look at the first picture and realize what the problem is.


The high pressure hose is sitting on the large electric motor for the Water Wizard.  So the top of the hose was not leaking and the bottom half was wet and has a small drip.  But when the motor cuts on or you move the hose away from the motor the leak looked pretty bad.

The high pressure hose is 4 feet long by the way.

Busted high pressure hose

Picture 114.jpgPicture 365.jpg

Large leak 2 bays down.  I learned an important lesson about high pressure hoses today…. there is nothing worse then a 100 foot high pressure hose with no non-working swivels.  So, I replaced the old hose and added a non-working swivel.

High Pressure hose leak


I always love it when I have a high pressure hose leak.


The top arrow shows where I cut and installed a new reusable hose fitting.  The bottom arrow shows a small leak about a foot away from where I just fixed the hose.  This picture could prove one of three things.  1) I have the worst luck ever,  2) this high pressure hose needs to be replaced,  3) BOTH 1 & 2