Coleman solenoid problem


Who would guess that if you leave a pumping unit unused (for 2 1/2 years) a solenoid might get clogged up.  Actually, I only had one clogged solenoid which had a clump of dried up chemical clogging the spring.

Small timer problem?


I had a small timer problem yesterday.  Someone seemed to fix the timer display for me.  The timer actually still works but I still need to replace it.  Cycle time CT-2000 bay timer.

Jim Coleman actually gave me my vacuum back!


It took a little while (November 23rd, 2005 but Jim Coleman himself fixed my shampoo tank that was leaking (Disclaimer: I am not really sure if Jim actually fixed my vacuum). To my understanding, it was actually the distributors fault that it took over 2 years to fix, but the last 2-3 months of it was my fault. But, I got my vacuum fixed under warranty. YEA!

I believe the customer has to pay for the shipping of the vacuum but they were supposed to ship it on a Coleman truck when they did their drop off (which is only every couple months, but it would be free).  I am very happy I got the vacuum back after I thought maybe they lost it.

Out of its misery?


Well it finally happened.  Someone put my Jim Coleman CT-2000 meter box timer out of its misery.  I also figured out today the CT-2000 timer can be swapped out with the Jim Coleman 1034R.

Jim Coleman light problem


So my circular fluorescent light on my Jim Coleman vacuum was burnt out and the ballast was broken. So what should I do? Well, what about installing 2 compact fluorescent lights? I thought it was a good idea.  My only problem after I installed the lights was that the lights staying on all the time and when the vacuum is turned on the lights go off, any ideas?