iwash ICA booth


I really like the iwash and took a couple pictures of their pumping station and their residential version?  It would work perfectly next to your mailbox at your house.


Have you ever wondered what the automatic kleen-rite was selling looked like?  Well I did, it always seems to be the page I open to.  It is a Hydrospray Cobra and the little thing in the last picture is a Rainmaker.  Which seems like half a Cobra?


I hope the Hydrospay Rainmaker is better then the movie.

Etowah Valley Equipment ICA booth


I checked out the “Genesis” Rowe conversion kit $995 (last picture). It replaces the bill acceptor, ccc, and power supply. The Rowe people were saying that the BC-200 conversion kit will cost around $800 and replace all the same parts.

I really liked this switch (middle picture) that they were selling; it seemed very heavy duty (10 position around $110). It reminds me of the iwash switch.

I also post the fliers that Jim Gosnell was handing out. http://cwguy.com/?page_id=2514

Captain Cook car wash pressure washing machine- double Item number: 270213125165


Check out the Captain Cook Cleaning System on ebay.  I do not remember hearing anything about Cook Machinery Co. Inc., Dallas, Texas at the ICA show.  But I have not gone to the ICA in a while.  This equipment has an interesting design, but with the pictures provided it is hard to judge.  So if you can not afford the iwash system why not purchase the Captain Cook system?

Flojet air leak – Again with a MEP1 help update


Today my flojet air hose was cracked again.  I guess I am tightening this to tight?  Well, I decided to try MEP1’s idea about using 3/8″ i.d. hose alone with 1/2″ i.d. about 1″ of each kind.


Sliding this on is fairly easy.


I put the barb in then tried to put the 1/2″ i.d. hose onto the setup.  I could not get the 1/2″ to go all the way on (because of the barb) but I just trimmed the excess off with a razor blade.  Then I put a hose clamp on and I was done.  Thanks to MEP1 for the suggestion.



I have always liked the i-wash setup and I am trying to get some more information on their product to do a little review on their product.  Don Scordo (president of iwash) sent me these pictures of their equipment.  The first picture is a 4 bay setup, I really love how compact and clean it is.  (A little nicer setup then mine.)  The second picture is their factory floor and the third picture is a 6 bay but I am not really sure why it is so large?

I also like their meter boxes but you will have to go to their web site at www.iwash.biz then i-wash then brochure. 

Question?  I am trying to remember the name of a vendor that sells a system which just uses injectors to deliver the products.  They also vend about 14 different products.  If someone could tell me the name of the company I could send you a prize?  Like a smelly baseball cap or something?