Never Interact With Friends! Especially at a Friends Birthday Party!

It looks like an Apple convention! No actually the cheaper Kindle Fire was the winner with I think 3 and 1 ipad. One poor girl was slumming it with an itouch….. Loser! All the adults seemed to have iphones < = 4 except for one lady with a Blackberry...... Loser! My iphone crapped out and I was sporting an iphone original! So I was kicking it old school with the worse phone there by far (if my newer iphone was working it would still be the worse phone coming in at a 3gs). But I was "talking to people"...... Loser, I know! Why interact with people when you can just play a game? What is happening to this WORLD!?

Anyone have an iphone 4 I can purchase? I want to play this cool new game! ūüôā

Water Wizard Preparation – Entry unit trench


(See if you can figure out when my Canon camera broke and I had to start using my iphone.)

Today, I started my entry unit trench. I cut the blacktop out and dug up 4 feet of the 12 feet that needs to be dug up.  (The pay station will be installed 15 feet from the rails?  Or at least that is where I am planning to install mine for now.)

Update: Full service? 9th Avenue

I was driving past this full service wash and noticed they updated their sign.  Not really sure what the December 27, 2006 date is for.  The sign also seems more confusing?  The original post is here:


This is the entrence of the wash.  I guess when the place is open they move the truck?


This is what you see before you enter the “tunnel of doom”.


If you make it out of the tunnel this is their road sign.


These pictures were taken with my iphone not a Holga (sorry for the extremely bad photography joke).  The iphone can take good pictures then terrible pictures.