New Tires!


I hate buying new tires!  It seems like the biggest waste of money.  So what that they keep you on the road and help you stop.  They are expensive and you seem to replace them all the time.  I hate them!  But my little Honda Fit does use 15″ tires, which is cool.

I do only buy Firestone tires though because they have a higher failure rate!  Or was that just on crappy Ford Explorers tires?

Honda Fit beats Chevy Vet in a street race?

Picture 145.jpgPicture 141.jpg

Now, my little fit can’t lift as much as this yellow work device (right picture) but my work car did fit a 24 foot ladder on top.  (My dad’s Vet can’t do that).

Picture 150.jpgPicture 152.jpg

Also, while on the roof of my Dad’s car wash I noticed where all the stolen cones go (right picture, blue cone).

I found my hub cap?


Well, I have been driving by this hub cap for a couple months and decided to stop and get my hub cap!  The only problem was it is not my hub cap.  I have found 3 15″ Toyota hub caps and only one  14″ Toyota hub cap (which I lost).  Maybe I can swap 3 bad luck 15″ Toyota hub caps for one 14″ hub cap (any brand?