Morgan Road Car Wash


I drove by the Morgan Road Car Wash today.  Greg purchased it a couple days ago.  They have put in another automatic and gone up on there self-serve prices from $2.00 to $2.50!  So since December 10th, 2005 they have only gone up $.50….. inflation definately has not hit the self-serve market!

If you are interested, the wash has 2 Jim Coleman Water Wizards: 1 is the original while the other is a new 2.0 non-profiling.  It has 2 Hamilton entry units and also a Jim Coleman Space Saver pumping unit for the self-serve bays.

Hamilton credit card acceptor problem – Again


My Hamilton credit card acceptor (ACW entry unit) quit working again and I had to call Hamilton service at 1-800-837-5561.  They are really good at trouble shooting the problem but I did not like the fact it was broken.  I had to call my friend again, Randy Nix of Eagle Car Wash, to see if the acceptor is under warranty.

Hamilton entry unit problem


I called Hamilton support today (1-800-837-5561) and they dialed into my modem and checked out my credit card computer.  They said that the unit was turned off for a very long time and it was reset a lot of times.  So apparently they can not really check anything by dialing into the system.  (I knew that much!)  They did say to send the unit in to them and they think it will cost anywhere between $200 and $500 to fix.