Morgan Road Car Wash


I drove by the Morgan Road Car Wash today.  Greg purchased it a couple days ago.  They have put in another automatic and gone up on there self-serve prices from $2.00 to $2.50!  So since December 10th, 2005 they have only gone up $.50….. inflation definately has not hit the self-serve market!

If you are interested, the wash has 2 Jim Coleman Water Wizards: 1 is the original while the other is a new 2.0 non-profiling.  It has 2 Hamilton entry units and also a Jim Coleman Space Saver pumping unit for the self-serve bays.

C-2000 Hamilton changer controller – Update


Randy told me to check out my Cycle Inhibit Adapter harnesses, which was the problem.  It has a short in the wires that are not wrapped.  I am just going to replace the harness.  But it was really weird that the changer had the same error yesterday 3 times in a row.  Then today it worked for 10-12 bills until I touched the harness; then I could make it turn on and off by touching the wires.  Great feature!

Hamilton Changer problem – interesting problem


So I got a call about my changer stealing someones money.  I threw the switch on the coin hopper and it was jammed.  It just looked like a normal jam but it was only one quarter.  I had to take it apart, which seemed odd.  While inspecting the problem I noticed that a screw was jamming the hopper (third picture).  It was very bad luck because it should have fallen out the crap holes (forth picture).  The screw came from the bill acceptor flap. 

I can’t decide if I want to replace with a stainless guard or another factory plastic one?  If anyone has the stainless guard installed please send me a picture.  Thanks.