Water Wizard Problem “ Update


Well I finally took off the check valve like Mep1 told me to and I am going to see what the ramifications are going to be.  Greg told me that the system is supposed to have a check valve and for the air to blow down (for cold weather).  The problem could be that the system will allow air to travel into the holding tank?  Who knows but I bet this is going to fix my problem.

(The problem is the pre-soak occasionally does not work out on the gantry.  The outgoing hose builds up pressure which does not allow the pump to pump out liquid.)

Bad Break In


Greg left me a message telling me that 19th Street had been broken into so I drove by today and took some pictures.  He said that they broke into the equipment room, the Hamilton changer and into the Unitec.  Just in time for Christmas!  I was surprised that the carwash was closed though.

Water Wizard Problem – Update


Well I had the same problem today.  The presoak did not work and the pressure built up on the outgoing side of the check valve so the check valve could not open.  This time I called Greg for a little help.  I adjusted the air regulators (there are 2 air regulators one for the sides and one for the top).  I let the unit pump presoak for about 15 minutes and ran the gantry back and forth down the track to try and replicate the problem.  Greg believes that there is a kink in the presoak hose somewhere in the system.

The Procom pump is running at 75 psi and the pressure at the gantry is 50 psi, the air is set at 35 psi.

I hate it when I know what the problem is! – Update


Greg came by my wash today and I talked him into showing me how to troubleshoot my rotary switch.  Greg explained that you should get 24 volts on the hp wax stack, which I was getting.  This means that my rotary switch was working fine.  So we tested from the switch to the terminal block in the meter box, which was all 24 volts.  So this means that the long run had a bad connection.  I found where I crimped them together and there was a problem.  Yeah, problem solved!

I hate it when I “know” what the problem is!


So the problem is the high pressure wax function does not work in one of the bays.  First I decided there was crap in the hp wax solenoid.  So I slowly starved the pump of water to pull the crap out of the solenoid.  That did not work so I removed the solenoid to clean it, which did not work.  So I decided the problem was with the needle valve which I just removed all of them, that did not help.  Then I pulled out my voltmeter and checked to see if I was getting voltage from the switch to the equipment room which I was not (I am getting somewhere!).  So now I need to figure out how to check a rotary switch.  I need to give Greg a call!

Water Wizard Preparation – Water pressure fix


Greg came by the carwash today to help us troubleshoot my water pressure problem.  His idea was to get a water pressure gauge and see what the water pressure is before the regulator (hose bib) and before the Water Wizard hydrominder.  It ended up that I was getting 90 psi before the regulator and 40 psi before the hydrominder.  Then we decided to remove a large inline filter and the pressure jumped to 60 psi.  This jump in water pressure to 60 psi with the 1″ water line allowed me enough water to keep up with the high pressure functions.

Am I cheap or practical? You decide!


My Weep Mizer was giving me the wrong temperature so I went to Lowes to purchase a thermometer.  I really wanted to purchase an ir thermometer but my cheap / practical side made me purchase the $5 digital thermometer instead of the ir for $64.98.


My Weep Mizer says it was 43 degrees and the cheap thermometer said it was 38 degrees.


Greg told me that there was a screw on the censor to adjust the temperature on the Mizer.  I decided to just adjust the start temperature by 5 degrees!