Rowe power problem – Update


I was trying out another power supply today and was having a different problem.  1) The 40VDC power supply light does not light up.  2) (second picture) Whatever is behind this panel is clicking.  3) “SET UP REQUIRED” is the error message on the CCC.  I tried reprogramming and still got the error message.

This BC-200 is trying to KILL ME!  But I want to kill the changer back.  Does that make me a bad person?

Rowe C-10RL problem


I had a coin jam in my Rowe C-10RL that I was testing (error message “Er 8”). 


 Pictures of the coin hopper motors and coin chute.


I still got the “Er 8” error after clearing the coin jam so the instructions say it could be paper or something blocking the led or sensor.  The left side looked fine so I attached everthing and reset the changer and got “Er 9” which means the same thing only the right side.  Everything looks clean and fine but I guess I will be replacing a sensor because the led works fine.

Both Rowe changers were jammed – again


Both Rowe changers were jammed with the error message CK TRANSPORT VF.  Like MEP1 suggested I would like to replace these Rowe bill acceptors but have not found a reasonable method.  I also do not want to purchase all the parts for a new changer for the swap (computer, bill acceptor, and coin dispenser).