Water Wizard Preparation – Gantry test


I labeled the “box of power” today, actually it has only 3 things and the electrician told me the answers.  William and I turned the power on and moved the gantry for the first time today and there was a problem.  The third picture shows how the gantry gearbox bolts hits the rail bolts.  So William cut off all the bolts then the gantry can move back and forth.

Water Wizard Preparation – Electrical work


The Electrician cut my power off today and installed a new meter box and 2 new panels.  We also mounted the Water Wizard – Electrical control center on the wall.  If all goes according to plan I should have power late tomorrow after the inspection.

Water Wizard Preparation – Update


Just an update on the Water Wizard install.  I finally talked to an electrician and got him out to get me an estimate.  I need new service installed, a couple panels moved, some new panels installed, some conduit removed and some water lines moved.  Sounds expensive!  I hope it is less than $300!