Broken Air Compressor?


I finally decided to figure out what was wrong with my air compressor pump.  The wheel would just spin freely and not do anything else.  When I removed the top the pistons? wouldn’t move when I pushed on them.  I would guess that is not good!  It was also dry and gummy.  But who knows what it is suppose to look like?


I removed the wheel thing (technical term) I guess this piece is fine?  But I believe I spotted the problem.


Looks like something broke in the compressor pump?  🙂  Looks like maybe the pistons seized up and the wheel thing ripped all the crap apart!  But it looks like I have all the pieces and I can easily fix this with some glue!


I forgot to tell you the way to get this pump apart is to take all the screws out them hit it with a rubber mallet.  At least it worked for me.  The 2nd picture looks like the piston actually broke/cracked then the whole pump blew up?  Maybe?


But I really can’t decide if the pump just didn’t have enough oil?  Maybe that caused all the problem?  I checked with the dip stick and it didn’t register, that is bad.  So the bottom line is I figured out what the problem was with my Dad’s broken air compressor and with a little glue I will be able to get this old green SpeedAire back as good as new!

Hamilton AutoCashier ACW-5


Do you know when you get the “Unexpected Coin Drop” error randomly that the Hamilton techs tell you to unplug the wire harness from the coin dispenser and plug it back in a couple times?

I also called Randy Nix who is a Hamilton rep and he told me that there was crap on the counter switch and that was the problem.

Guess which one was correct?  You know I really like Hamilton changers and I for some reason really want to like this acw-5.  But it is a true POS.  (and I don’t mean “Point of Sale”)……  I also hate Hamilton support.  I really believe that at least 1/2 the time they give you the wrong advice.  I know for a fact that one jerk told me to purchase the main wire harness (cost me around $100 and takes about 1-2 hours to install) then Heidi another tech said there was no way that was the problem.  Oh and if you have a problem she is the person to talk to.

“Did Your Doctor Say Salt Was Okay?”


Today I purchased a  double Big Jack artery clogger with no green crap and extra mayonnaise.  I went through the drive through because I don’t want any exercise getting my food!  I asked for salt for my fries (which I hope they use trans fat…).  The drive through lady said “Did your doctor say salt was okay?”  Actually my doctor probably said no double Big Jack before salt but that’s just me.

I HATE AT&T and I am NOT Kidding!


Okay I already made my proclamation about my hatred for AT&T.  Now I should give you a reason I guess?  It is very short and easy to fix.

I have a commercial phone line because that is really the only way (I guess) I can get credit cards cleared.  So I pay AT&T $63.94 for their great “commercial” service.  It is so much better then my home service……..  Wait I got rid of them, I forgot.  So I have had no problem with my phone I get over charged for “commercial” services like any “good” company would do.

BUT WHY AT&T DO YOU HAVE TO SELL MY ADDRESS TO EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH!!!!  I haven’t got any mail at my carwash for 5 year now I get mail all the time as soon as I got a phone line.  Oh and it is all just crap and they all know I am a business.  I wonder how that happened?  Weird.  My monthly payment should actually be cheaper then a “home” line because my address is apparently worth money.  I don’t see a credit on my bill for receiving bulk / junk mail.

So what I think I should do is post my address so everyone can enter the address into their bulk / sucker address list!

Here it is.   You can mail anything that slips under the door:  ES Car Wash, 271 Forest Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

If you want to send good stuff like cash and gifts try my po box at:  Eric Wilson, PO Box 48, Dolomite, AL 35061

Klean-Wall VS Mister Plumber ($1 Store Crap) – Update


Well after the head to head death match between Klean-Wall and Mister Plumber, I decided to purchase…….. Klean-Wall!  Why you ask?  Because it has a “corrosive” sticker on it.  It looks cooooool!  Oh and a warning label.  I forgot how much it costs but it was around $80 and I got it delivered free from a local guy!  Thanks Mike.

Klean-Wall VS Mister Plumber ($1 Store Crap)


I got a sample of Klean-Wall free from his website at and I purchased some Mister Plumber from some Dollar Store down the street.  The Fake Drano contains: water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide and surfactants.  The Klean-Wall contains: magic.


Both sections look equally as bad.  The directions on the Klean-Wall said 3-5 minutes so I let both chemicals stay on 5 minutes.


The Klean-Wall after 5 minutes did a lot better job (first picture).  But the Fake Drano did a pretty good job.


I reapplied the Fake Drano and let it sit for 30 minutes.  It turned out a lot better but not as good as the Klean-Wall.  But for the price of the Fake Drano maybe you should try Fake Drano over Klean-Wall?


What kind of crap is this from the University of Arizona?

Here is a  list of stuff I already knew… I mean I learned… from the study.

  1. Married people have more bacteria in their cars than single people
  2. Females have more bacteria in their cars than males
  3. Automobiles with children have more bacteria than without children (What!  NO WAY!)
  4. The greater the mean temperature of a city the greater the number of molds isolated in the automobiles.  (Please explain!  Oh they do.)

Aspergillus,  Ulocladium,  Alternaria,  Penicillium,  Geotrichum,  Chrysosporium,  Trichoderma,  Aureobasidium,  Geomyces,  Chrysonilia

Also all the molds identified from automobiles are everywhere!  You can’t get away from them so why worry about it unless you have a really weak immune system and you probably live in a bubble anyway.

International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010 – Green Pavilion

Why is it every time I hear the word GREEN it makes me feel like there is a scam involved?  The ICA had a Green Pavilion this year and you think “what are people trying to sell us this time?”  But this is really bad even though I am not a treehugger

From the ICA website ” All products accepted into the Green Pavilion must meet at least one of the following criteria”  ONE!!!???

“Less toxic, Minimally polluting, More energy efficient, Safer and healthier for customers employees and the environment”

What product wouldn’t qualify?  This is absolutely hilarious and makes you wonder about all the other GREEN scams out there!