Time for the weep system


I connected my Dixmor DX-1000 Weep Mizer to my new Jim Coleman equipment.  The second picture shows how the hose is connected to the pump.  The next picture shows the solenoid connected to city water pressure.  Last picture is the solenoid power and constant power supply.

Moody tear down fun?


Tons of hoses from the automatic and some signs on top.


Some Mark 7 self serve equipment, 3 1/2 bays.


Some Jim Coleman equipment, spot free, bug remover, and triple shine units.  We took 2 loads of stuff today and more fun scheduled for tomorrow.  All I need to do is find a use for all this stuff or sell it!


That took all day?


I technically hooked the last 2 bays up, so I have all 4 bays working off the Coleman equipment.  The setup will not win any beauty contests.  I did have a wire problem that  was giving me a constant coin pulse to the timer.  I had to swap some wires a long time ago because of a wire short, which cause me to have to retrace all the wires today. FUN.  All this crap needs to be redone: we will see when that happens because it works now.

More Jim Coleman fun


I installed the 3/8″ air line today.  I officially switched 2 bays over to the new Coleman equipment and tomorrow the other 2.  But I am going to have to extend the 11 wire bay wires, which I am not looking forward to.