Water Wizard Preparation – Water pressure fix


Greg came by the carwash today to help us troubleshoot my water pressure problem.  His idea was to get a water pressure gauge and see what the water pressure is before the regulator (hose bib) and before the Water Wizard hydrominder.  It ended up that I was getting 90 psi before the regulator and 40 psi before the hydrominder.  Then we decided to remove a large inline filter and the pressure jumped to 60 psi.  This jump in water pressure to 60 psi with the 1″ water line allowed me enough water to keep up with the high pressure functions.

Cleaning out the old equipment


I disconnected my Clean Concepts dilution tank today.  But while searching for Clean Concepts on the internet I found an article from Professional Carwashing and Detailing March 2001.  The article is all about Mark Carlson CEO, firing people, a foreclosure, Arkansas police and much more even a ROBO was involve. It was a good story and basically the result is Clean Concepts is out of business……..

RIP:  Clean Concepts, Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72671, PO Box 307, 501-524-4168