A bucket washer’s bucket without the bucket washer.

So I was talking to someone the other day and they were asking the definition of “bucket washing”.  I was telling them that self serve carwashes usually frown on the practice and there are signs sold that prove it.  But their rebuttal was that they knew what a “bucket washing” was but then said bucket washers are not people that would bring there own supplies like towels, cleaning products like waxes, polishes, etc.  What?!

Now who would be right on this?  How does the not “bucket washing” sign not include people going to your carwash and not using any of your products?  I actually would not have a problem with this if they used my huge lot  but what about people with small lots?  What about when they use your bay?  (Which they always want to do because you don’t want to apply wax in direct sunlight?)  What about paying customers?  What about your business?  What about your products?  What about people that fix their cars in your bays?  I hate that.  Or what about people who eat and throw their crap all over the place?  I don’t like that either.  And I hate chicken bones.  Why can no one throw away chicken bones!!  This is really my problem not debating “bucket washing”.  cwguy out…….