How to cook hot dogs in the microwave? – UPDATE

You would be surprised how many people search my blog for “how to microwave hot dogs”.  So I have been revising my hot dog making craft over the last year and decided to post my new method of cooking / boiling / microwaving hot dogs.


First get 2 glass bowls, one is the size of the hotdogs and the other is just acting as a weight.  Second fill the bowl about 1/3 up with water.  Third insert your hotdogs.


Now insert the small bowl on the hot dogs this will keep the hotdogs under the water to boil the them.  Set the microwave for 4:00 on high and hit start.  Then they should be done.  Also, the bowls will be hot!


Another hotdog eating tip:  When eating crappy hotdogs, try adding lots of Tabasco!

ICA Trade Show 2009!

I got my confirmation for my ICA admission today.  I am excited about going to Vegas and I love the direct flight from Birmingham.  I will be hopefully live blogging, twittering and maybe even taking some video if I get any suggestions (email me anytime).

I spotted a pack of Nerds at the book store!

Picture 402_1.jpgPicture_372.jpg

I was looking for a magazine when one of the Nerds starts arguing with a 8 year old Nerd about some defense move or something. The little Nerd then asked the older Nerd if he was sure?  All I know is when you carry a briefcase you probably knows all about Pokemon/DD or whatever Nerds play these days. I am going to do some manly things like Blogging to people I never meet……