Super bay cleanup blast!


I got to shovel out 3 bays and then hand dig another.  Now that is what I call fun. 

If a carwash fairy ever granted me one carwash wish, my wish would be nice bay pits.  Pits where you do not have to dig them out every day.  Wow that would be nice.

Hooked up anti-freeze based chemical – Update


I think that the anti-freeze won the contest against the water weep system for my foam brush.  But, that is because my weep mizer was messed up and I needed to readjust it another degree.  For the water weep system, only 2 out of 4 bays were weeping while the anti-freeze worked in all the bays.  I also needed to salt the bays today.  I was surprised with how many people actually washed their cars today when it was below freezing.

All 4 bays


I got to dig out 2 pits and cleanup the other 2.  This kind of day really tests your patience because all the garbage cans were also full and there was crap all over the place!  Plus my camera is starting to take crappy dark pictures (first 2).

That took all day?


I technically hooked the last 2 bays up, so I have all 4 bays working off the Coleman equipment.  The setup will not win any beauty contests.  I did have a wire problem that  was giving me a constant coin pulse to the timer.  I had to swap some wires a long time ago because of a wire short, which cause me to have to retrace all the wires today. FUN.  All this crap needs to be redone: we will see when that happens because it works now.

More Jim Coleman fun


I installed the 3/8″ air line today.  I officially switched 2 bays over to the new Coleman equipment and tomorrow the other 2.  But I am going to have to extend the 11 wire bay wires, which I am not looking forward to.