Hamilton credit card download procedure


Hamilton credit card download procedure is lots of fun and you get to use the $411 handheld.  But Hamilton charges you $100 everytime you change your credit card information.

Basically, a Hamilton tech dials into your entry unit and you mash buttons on your handheld.  It counts to 5, dials back to Hamilton?  Then they restart the credit card computer.  Your name comes up on the handheld and you are done.  Now you check the credit card reader.

Hamilton credit card acceptor problem


So after the download procedure I noticed that my credit card acceptor was not working.  It seems very easy to trouble shoot on the acw-5.  There are 2 plugs (second picture) on the back of the reader the second plug (red and black wire) should be 5 V DC.  While the top plug (yellow and brown) should be 5 or 8 V DC, of course it was ZERO V DC.  So I need to purchase a new credit card acceptor because Hamilton does not repair the acceptors anymore.  They cost $320 from Hamilton, but I called my buddy Randy Nix at Eagle Car Wash and he treated me right.

Vacuum motor gasket problem


I was having a problem with my vacuum not working correctly and I could not figure it out.  The motor gasket was really flattened so I replaced it and the vacuum seems to work a lot better now.