Road blocked


Today the road was blocked by the fire and police vehicles.  I could not see what the problem was because the road was blocked.  I assume it was a car accident.  Just a note, I did not cause any additional slow traffic.  I had ample time to find my camera, change the setting, make sure the camera worked.  Then I still had ample time to compose the shot and take multiple pictures.  Because when people see accidents PEOPLE CAN NOT DRIVE.  I just wanted to disclose that I was not delaying traffic to take pictures.

Drain clogged


Drain was clogged will some mud.  Dug out the pit and everything was okay.  Finally to round the day off I cleaned out some more vacuums.

No fun today


I broke a key off in the door.  The only good thing is the key was easy to get out.  Also, I cleaned out some vacuums.  Which is always fun.

Rowe changer problems


Weird error message "$1 PAY 4 0 0".  The changer would steal money and the coin dispenser would not run.  Swapped out the coin dispenser and it started working.  Then the the bill stacker started just running.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I guess the stacker is having problems or the computer is messed up so I just unplugged the stacker.  Then the changer started working fine.

Washaroo fun in Dothan


I took a day off to go to my parents in law's house to help them move.  While on the way, I saw a Washaroo which was not in Dothan but on the way there at a Kangaroo gas station.  In Dothan, I did do a drive by at "Gentle Touch Auto Wash".