Rowe High Security Bill Acceptor Inlet Plate for the BC-1400 – Update


Some pictures before the high security inlet plate install.  Each changer plate is attached with six bolts that are a pain to get off.


Pictures of the old inlet plate


The new plate fits, but I had to drill new holes to attach the inlet plate.


The installed security inlet plate.  These bolts are not flush like the original studs.


The first picture shows how the plastic guard is attached to the front changer plate.  I had a problem getting the two welded changer plates back on.  So I had to grind them apart.


This is the finished product, if the bill acceptors worked.  Which all three did not.  "REJECT-BILL K,L,S" and probably others.


One of my bill acceptors also liked to eat bills.  It ate two while testing.  The last pictures are the before and after pictures.