Unitech Portal TI w/RFID

Even though the Unitech Portal TI has Windows XP…. it is Windows XP Embedded so you have until 2016 when it will need a huge upgrade. If they will sell one?  To be pci compliant…. unless Unitech does not support the unit?

Our car wash is upgrading its system and is looking to sell it’s old Unitec Portal TI. We keep everything we have in great working condition, clean and all in one place. Buyer will have to pay for and schedule the shipping/freight. All of its specs are available online by just searching for Unitec Portal TI but here are some of the key features that it possess. It also comes with an RFID, radio frequency identification system (images above). *Touchscreen technology *VIP Coupons for the Mars bill acceptor *Token dispensing *Change in bills, coins, or both *Remote manager capabilities give ultimate flexibility and control Please contact….

I also try to keep all my stuff in one place…. but sometimes “other people” have different views for my stuff. 🙂

01020304050607Unitech Portal TI w RFID   eBay

Item is the same as my other page here from Feb 16, 2014…. he came down $1000.

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  1. where is this used portal ti coming from or shipped from? Is this down to $1000? can this unit be placed on asphalt? how much is freight to alexandria virginia location? Can the price be less than $1000 like 600?

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