JCC Triple shine

IMG_0121.JPGIMG_0131.JPGIMG_0116.JPGIMG_0186.JPG JCC Triple shine unit consists of very basic components except the plc which I am told is very simple to program. It is just like a single low pressure function. They use the same CFA solenoids IMG_0132.JPG for each bay and brass blocks. Then at the punp they have a cross fitting to draw the colors from the tanks with the same pump and motor. IMG_0115.JPG The only thing that is different is the use of three tank for the chemical and the chemical can not be mixed together. So they have to use a solenoids in the back of each tank controlled by the plc. IMG_0120.JPG Pretty cool I want to make my own. This is definitely not a JCC exclusive design. Kim Supply and every other person on the planet has one and is about the same or cooler. I like the three Dosmatic design. But this is the universal cheapest version. IMG_0141.JPGIMG_0142.JPG The Kim Supply triple foam unit uses something like the ABB solid state control sequencer SQ3221. IMG_9477.JPG (Blue, yellow and red) The JCC unit changes colors every 5-10 seconds.

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