Ad Example

My plan is to not have multiple advertisers on a page, but to only have two rotating ad locations, which would be on every page of my blog.  The top of the page which will be a large 760px x 90px and a smaller 300px x 250px on the side above the “Tags” box.

The prices for the Large Ad will be $1,500 for a year.

The prices for the Small Ad will be $1,000 for a year.

Video / How to’s demonstration of your product is also available:  you can send me the product and $100 and I will demonstrate the product and write about it in my blog.  Even though it will be posted on my site, you will own the information/post that you can use at will.  It will also be posted to my Blog and HowTo guide (section is in production).  Two examples of a product demo are:  BioShine Tire Shine and Handi-Clam

[youtube]aZDmYrNuTpY&hl[/youtube]  [youtube]C8rA61oWoKo[/youtube]


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