Hamilton S-540-XRS Tube Changer

Well I think that is what this changer is? 🙂 I have never seen a Hamilton tube changer before. It took a second to figure out what the tubes were. 🙂

060504030201Bill Changer Hamilton Car Wash Equipment Laundry Bill Validator   eBay

0708Bill Changer Hamilton Car Wash Equiptment Laundry Bill Validator   eBay

I must be missing the value in these units? But I guess I don’t know the offers they are getting?

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  1. I’ve been trying to find the value of this tube changer for a few days now. I’m not sure if i want one of these or not. I need to replace an RNS that was mangled by a couple of burglars. The carwash can’t afford the gold plated Hamilton that was quoted to me at $8,300. So I’ve been looking at cheaper options. I have a hamilton ACW and thought I’d try to keep it consistent but with this weird tube changer and the high dollar quote karma might be leading me away from Hamilton.

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