Edward Rowe is Retarded? EMAIL

Email from: [email protected] & [email protected]
I emailed the same message to both email addresses.  My Email message is HERE.

Sounds legit! Anyone that will give to a charity is always a good person!

Dear Eric,

I thank you so much for your urgent responds to my business proposal sent to you, it is my pleasure to know you and also want you to know that it is the doing of Almighty GOD who has a purpose for everything on earth, I contacted you after making some relent search for a reputable partner and found out that you can be trusted. I also prayed and fasted for GOD directive and was fully convinced that you are the right person that will assist me in this business.

I am a Singaporean but lived all my life in Indonesia after the death of my father who died 20 years ago, as my mother is an Indonesian. I worked for PT.Pertamina (Persero) Indonesia before I retired and joined real estate business for many years until this moment following my doctor’s advice for me to avoid any form of stress due to my failing health.

I have the sum of (US$12.5 Million) cash which I secured from the sales and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products worldwide. I decide to solicit your assistance to invest the fund for our personal use; the fund has been deposited with a reputable Bank here in Indonesia (CITIBANK JAKARTA INDONESIA). The fund was scheduled to be transferred with the help of the Bank.
I want to use a God fearing person irrespective of his/her religion as I need someone who I can entrust with this fund for our own benefit.

In your next mail showing your full interest I shall forward to you the specimen of the application that you will forward to the CITIBANK JAKARTA INDONESIA for the release of the fund to you before I will start making arrangement to fly down to your country.

I have to compensate you with 20% out of the total fund and we shall both share the total annual profit with me at %60 and you at %20 for you, 15% will be use for any expenses at the cost of completing this project and the 5% for a charity as my late father always told me to donate to charity and the less privilege.
This transaction is 100% risk free as all relevant details of the fund will be furnished to you on receipt of your nest reply and readiness to work me with one mind.

Do not hesitate to contact me as this project needs urgent attention and must be confidential. The attached file is my photo and my international passport for your confidence.. In your next email to me do remember to provide your international passport, picture or drivers license for me to know whom am dealing with.

Thanks and God bless
Most Regard.
Edward Rowe

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