DIY Car Wash In Bay Air Dryer Blowers

This was just some research that I did on dryers for the car wash industry…. this should be an easy DIY project.  Their was even someone selling a project for $400+ extra on  But I never implemented this project…. but just look at some pictures or your vacuum.  It is not like you are building a rocket.  Just like all the other components at the car wash.  🙂

Car Wash Equipment In Bay Air Dryer Blowers

01Car Wash Equipment In Bay Air Dryer Blowers

Kleen-Rite Price list for no random reason….  🙂
Mosmatic 60.311 Wall Mount Air System Boomrelief valve air shammy vacuum carwashAir Shammee Replacement Motor 120 Volt Replacement Motor Kleen Rite Vacuum MotorAir Shammee Replacement Parts at the Best Prices Call 800 233 3873Kleen Rite Corporation 2 x 15 Blue Red Vac HoseKleen Rite Corporation 110V Relay for Air ShammeeKleen Rite Corporation Air Shammee Hook for Air HoseKleen Rite Corporation


I really like the plywood backing…. professional.  Also the pricing is way to expensive.  I like pooping on peoples dreams of making money!  JK…. this is why I can not read a certain forum anymore.  To much negativity…. that comment reminds me of some of them.

I would also not purchase this Air Shammee trigger gun thing…. I like the Mosmatic brush thing.  Blasto-Dry sells it also…. or sells it to Mosmatic or vice-versa?  When comparing the plywood piece to my kr build your own unit…. remember mine includes a Mosmatic Wall Boom for $344.18 and does not include the plywood or screws ($20).  But I would assume the $79.50 worth of Air Shammee relays that were in my quote are really $15 worth of relays?  But I have never seen them…. but that would make up the difference in the plywood…. you could purchase diamond plate to be honest.  🙂  Mine is $836.79 with the Mosmatic’s boom (air shammee boom is $120 cheaper) and gun holder…. plus you can know what you are getting.  bestbuys248 wants $900.  I personally would not purchase either.  LOL  🙂

RELAY LINK….  I believe this is the relay needed for the project.  Let me know!  🙂  CLICK HERE $5.80

Just a note…. the Mosmatic/Blasto-Dry Dryer uses 2 motors and a 15′ x 2″ hose.  (Which I equate with working better then the other dryer units?  Could be wrong.).  Also the Mosmatic/Blasto-Dry Hose and Nozzle assembly retail for $112.80.  Which is actually cheaper and I believe look better then what ever the Air Shammy thing is.  But you might like one better then the other?  Crap…. one might actually work better then the other?  I did not factor that in either!  As a customer…. I would think the customer would equate drying better with the large wide nozzle…. not a small vacuum gun looking thing.  But again…. I did not test or ever see in real life a dryer unit ever (Maybe at a show?)…. and I really do not want the function either.

 The Autodry unit by AirLogic has 3 motors, 1 relay, vac nozzle type with handle and no relief valve….  I really have no clue what the valve is for?  I believe the Air Shammee has a trigger to stop a blow job and the relief helps to bypass the blow job action?  What doesn’t the unit blow air?  🙂  The Mosmatic/Blasto-Dry units do not have a bypass either.

I did think this setup was very inefficient….  I researched some other options and price wise I do not understand why manufactures picked this method.  But at the end of this waist of research effort it got no funding.  LOL  🙂

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