American Changer 2505 not a 7805 Multi-Bill & Coin Changer

Self Service Bill Changers  Used Bill Validators  Self Serve Bill Stackers  Rowe  Hamilton Bill Stackers  Mars  Coinco Validators  Wall MountedKleen Rite Corporation   American 7815 Multi Bill Rear Load Changer with Coinco2036-changer outside2036-changer inside 22036-changer-inside

He is asking $4800….. New from KR they cost $5705…..  But the KR one has a Pyramid acceptor…. the used one has a mei acceptor…. so I would just settle for a Pyramid.  LOL 🙂

I actually have a Multi-Bill front load American Changer I need to try and sell!  🙂  Mine look like the American Changer 2505…. but without the coin dispenser.  When I researched these units way back in the day…. I believe this main board is used in almost all American’s high end changers and multi-changer devices?  The new 7805 has a LCD display…. like that super high tech MEI 400RL changer…. I mean rowe changer.

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