Ad Opportunities was designed by a car washer that really owns a car wash! I drive out everyday and inspect and fix all my problems myself, then blog about them.  I have owned my washes since December 2004 and still own them today.  My father also owns 2 express car washes and 3 self-serve washes.

I have over 3,161 posts (2/3/2010) and have been posting everyday since 10/26/2005.  I had 7901 visitors to my blog last month and they keep coming back!  The average visitor spends over 7  minutes (429 seconds) each visit!

I would like to expand my site and I need your help.  I would like to add new product reviews, video sections with descriptions and setup instructions, and live photo posting.

My plan is to not have an overdose of advertisers on a page, but to have only two rotating ad locations, which would be on every page of my blog.  The top of the page which will be a large and a small 200px x 400px on the side above the “Tags” box.

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Any questions or concerns just email me with the form below.

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