Night club / Car wash


I think it was like one of those cheesy night clubs. The only problem is that it is a car wash and the bays were not rented out. I also was not invited.





Can it get any better, Bud light, ac and Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine?


Vacuum guy


This is vacuum guy vandalizing the vacuum to get the money out of the vacuumed up garbage. Or should it be bike guy? There was a lock and latch on the vacuum where he is prying. The last picture it from the day before.


He actually went through two vacuums and left one open.


The video is of the guy breaking into the vacuum. At the end he goes to a vacuum in the second island then comes back to the third island. I have at least a hour of exciting video.


Fuse blew again – update


I tried a new relay and like Greg said it made no difference. One coil wire is going to the timer load the other to the 24 vac coil in. The throw wires go to the equipment room.


One throw wire goes to the 24 volt power supply (white lower) and the other wire is not used? It makes no sense. I must have checked wrong. I was getting frustrated and tied to look at another bay then broke it. Had to figure out what the problem was then quit. I think maybe I need to just rerun all new wire to the bay and read about hooking up the timer.

I forgot to mention that the relay switch goes back and forth making the noise. I believe this means that there is a wire short? Who knows? It also just does this when the throw wires are attached.


Clean up guy making money


These are some pictures of the clean up guy queuing up a wash. Accepting money for the wash. Then the last picture is the cleanup guy using his wash down key to clean the guys tires.


Sandpiper pump problem


I was having a problem with my sandpiper pump again. This time the hydrominder got stuck and the chemical tank was empty. The pump was getting to much air in the intake line and was trying to prime. I had to take the outlet hose off and everything worked fine again. I have a video of what the pump was doing.