Box of random parts…. Can you guess what they are from? :)


Baldor EM4103T Motor 25HP, 1770RPM, 3 Phase, TEFC KR: $2,100.15

3535 CAT PUMPS- 36 GPM, 1200 PSI, 30.0 Max HP KR: $4,150

I have purchased 2 x 25HP motors both were descrpbed as follpeing – “Like New, Used for about 3-4 Months… then taken out of service…” This one is a lot nicer then my other motor though.

If you wany to offer me scrap price plus free shipping give me a call! LOL :)

Listen….. anyone selling vaca for scap price and free shipping. PLEASE CALL ME FIRST…. PLEASE! LOVE CWGUY :)

119,000 CARS IN 3 MONTHS! Oh…. I got this email it is almost ICA time! :)

Check out this AMAZING testimony by Quality Car Wash in Holland, MI “Totally Tommy” Gas/Wash/C-store Model
I had no idea Tommy sold gas pumps for C-stores! :)

I always hate emails like this Quality CW/C-Store emails. The success of Quality Car Wash has zero to do with using any equipment. They are placing a C-Store which takes a very good location. So for Quality CW it should have been zero surprise that the express wash was a success? If it was…. well that is very scary! :)
705 Chicago Dr, Holland, MI 49423

That said…. I believe Tommy equipment looks the best by far. Their building looks great also…. probably their main selling point? Like those old LightHouse Autec buildings. But I have heard bad things about their fancy Tommy buildings…. call some of the owners I guess? But this other location could have been installed incorrectly? Or the person that told me was mistaken? Also isn’t MacNeil equipment hands down the best equipment? Then if you want cheap you purchase…. Well this might have changed? :)

They also say it is completely “all without a loading attendant and you can too!”.
Yes…. I believe everyone knows this secret? Belt conveyor…. doesn’t everyone sell these? But there are trade offs. First is not having a “loading attendant” will cut down on your through put. Basically just like the picture they included in their video! LOL :) Second…. (The same Tommy location with the building problem has a belt conveyor) they have problems with cleaning tires. Guess why…. if you can pull in however you want?

I did not add the link of the video because it actually made me motion sick…. sorry. It was shot with an octocopter…. plus time-lapse very bad video. booth 1138 if you want to leapfrog the competition”

Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag

VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote Update….. OLD POST about the BAG and another HERE.

Well I  purchased the Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag after purchasing their Tote.  I really like both bags.  This is a picture review of my new Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag…. I have actually owned this bag for over 4 months and I forgot about reviewing it. But I talked to Greg the other day…. this has got to be the best purchase I have purchased to date! (Well tool purchase…. my Jim Coleman Super Saver was my best car wash purchase.)


The problem with every bag except this one…. can really be summed up with my wrench collecting photo.  I was carrying around (picture above) way to maybe wrenches. They really do have different uses…. but I could never find any of them in my BucketBoss.  I would away use my Knipex pliers which is not a bad choice.  :)  I also have purchased way over the cost of this bag because I could not find the tools I needed.


Everything is awesome!

I hate to assume my way is the best way of purchasing stuff…. but I do own car washes so I am suppose to think my option is better then everyone else’s right? I am just kidding! LOL :)

Anyway…. I just got an amazon prime account (which Greg has talked about in the past.)  Now I can purchase stuff like this hex nipple delivered to my house for $3.12 and no minimum purchase! Free 3 day I believe? Whatever the case…. best ever! I love it…. wish everything was delivered to my door. Well everything is but our groceries? Amazon needs to work on that! LOL :)


Jim Coleman Getto Know…..?

UPDATE 4/12/2015
Steven Weeks has worked at JCC for 5 years and works as the Entry Wizard Production Manager. Steven assists with technical calls relating to the Entry Wizard and is able to provide step by step troubleshooting. Steven is also involved with managing the Entry Wizard production schedule.
Steven can be reached at
800-999-9878 Ext:309

Looks like Steven Weeks will not respond to my email…. we will call it a month.  But it was on Marc 19, 2015.  I could have waited a week though!  LOL  :)

This crappy customer service is very annoying…. you would think anyone at Jim Coleman would not want to talk to a live person? They would prefer to answer emails?  It actually saves time.  Of course the original Steven Weeks I am trying to email could be fired?  The Steven Weeks that I needed to email could have not received my email?  Problem is…. this actually does not matter.  I uses to work in IT and his email should have been forwarded or refused to the sender.  Either way Jim Coleman is the same as Fragramatics with email support.  All car wash companies seem bad via email though…. except Hamilton (which I have dealt with).  Coleman is good via phone…. but get this…. I do not want to talk to anyone at Coleman on the phone!  Why can I not want to save MY time!

I would also post my annoying email that was not worth the time of day…. for an actually Jim Coleman customer to get a reply. But I do want an answer…. who knows what these people would do mad…. worse service? But I included the part number and a description. Why would I be nasty? I want the part! LOL :) While we are at it…. why are their new vac stickers so bad?

Jim Coleman Getto Know…..?

I was calling Jim Coleman and got forwarded to Steven Weeks voice mail….. I hate voice mail.  So I hung up and I found this web site.  This is a helpful link!  Even has their extensions.  It is probably really old though…. because it says “Swipe-N-Clean” which they do not support at all and they make you talk to B&C.

By the way I emailed Hamilton the other day…. and they have to have the best customer service via email I have ever seen.  I emailed 2 people (the first was an accident…. I assumed they would not email me back) and I got 2 responses with in 10 minutes!  I emailed Fragramatics and NEVER got a response!  How about this old crusty companies…. email saves you money and time.  Think about it…. have a meeting and get back with me.  :)  (I use to have a real job…. old people have to have meetings or conference calls.  How else would they feel important?)

Also I would call my location distributor…. Premier Car Wash Systems GA.   But I would have to say something gay like please help PLEASE!  My Dad is so and so…. he purchases stuff from you…. oh great distributor from Georgia!  Then Donna might look the item up?  This other guy said he purchases chemicals so he can call them and they will show up!  I wonder why I do not want to have a unitec product?  (They are our unitec distributor also.)  I want to be an unitec distributor also…. I talked to Mike…. I confirmed I know more or at least the exact amount of information!  LOL  :)

Dixmor Timers and magnets…. what would happen! IDK :)

dixmor led3dixmor led 5dixmor led 7

I was looking at pictures of crap I took apart…. well…. because I want to!  Also trying to share my knowledge along the way…. maybe someone can clue me in on this?  The 3 Dixmor timers I have and took apart are (left to right) LED 3 , LED 5 and LED 7 . Well looking at all 3 of the Dixmor timers which I own…. some are old and some are newer. All have a reed relay on them…. which is user accessible?  Well so what you would say (I agree so what!) but a reed relay will activate when a magnetic field is present. Intriguing! :) Unless the reed relay is non-standard and they do something else…. which would be boring…. But it still would be magnet related! :)

Also on the Dixmor LED5 and LED7 you can tell both have ir capabilities.  I did not know the LED5 had ir capabilities…. well because I do not use those timers.  :)

Another weird point…. all the manuals from Dixmor do not point out why their timers have the reed relay?  Odd!

jim coleman timerjim coleman timer2
These are Jim Coleman timers…. The first I believe is a CT-2000 Bay Timer which I thought could use their remote control…. which I would never purchase.  The second is a Jim Coleman 1034R maybe?  Which is to show what happens if a screw driver is inserted into a $400 timer.  No…. JK it is to show the fact I do not think an ir device is anywhere around the display?


This would be Allen’s favorite timer I would guess?  This is an Omega Two timer.  This timer seems to have no input device either?  I liked this timer because I purchased them cheap and Allen wanted to purchase them…. JK Allen made them.  They still work…. unlike the majority of my Jim Coleman timers.  Not including the screw drivers special…. that would probably break any timer.  :)

It is funny how things change…. Plus purchase this Fragramatics Fragrance Air Compressor


I was talking to this guy about purchasing some vacs…. He also actually said he needed some compressors…. He was like…. GUY: “OMG…. those compressors for the vacs cost me $300 used.” ME: “I can sell you 2-3 compressors for $300.” Guy….. Crickets ME: LOL :)

This air compressor should work on all multi-function vacuums…. I would assume? It looks just like the Jim Coleman compressors also. I would check though.

I tested this air compressor by plugging in the unit…. then I inserted coins. The air compressor turned on and it blew out air! It sounded good and just like others I have…. but I am not an expert! I do have a video I will upload and I will post the link.

4 x USED CAR WASH TIMERS FOR SALE?: IDX BT800A or BT800B timers with manual

9584438137_09255359a2_k9602850852_fc9d8ea3ff_k9602825926_53adbad3cc_k9602824710_ef223182a8_k9602812468_5b493ef8a4_k9587522540_ba227b2824_bbt800a litSCAN0063SCAN0062SCAN0064

This post is for Allen mainly…. so he can marvel at the well crafted IDX Big Time timer.  (To be fair…. I am not sure if they originally came from IDX like this.  I assume they did.  I have some Jim Coleman timers with jumpers all over the place also.)  This IDX I believe retailed for around $575?  The stainless housing was/is extra I believe?  You of course need the IDX RC800 remote control thing for the timer to program it.  Which with this timer…. you just CLIPPED to the leads. Nice!  :)  On the BT900 you could at least plug it in…. but it might be added by Fragramatics maybe?

Which brings up a great point to what Allen’s comment points out….. before you purchase a vacuum or a timer.  Fragramatics, GinSan/IVS, Jim Coleman….. maybe you should ask for a vacuum WITHOUT their crappy timer?  I like Allen…. and one other repair guy.  But how about just getting a Dixmor timer at the beginning?  I also have not purchased any Dixmor timers yet myself…. BUT it is sound advice! Even Allen eludes to it in his comment.

I have actually had Dixmor timers in my bays and have had no problems in 10 years….. knock on wood!  :)  But I know IDX and Coleman timers are not as reliable as Dixmor timers.  I have a huge stash of Coleman timers to prove Coleman’s timers are bad.  I only had 2 messed up BT900 timers.  Plus try calling all three places…. I guarantee you want to deal with Dixmor.