Is foreign union labor desirable? I want a RECOUNT! LOL :)


What a bizarre thing to ask?  Is foreign union labor desirable?  I want a RECOUNT!  But send me all the money I will to do the recount?  WHAT?  LOL 🙂

This was from but has the item cheaper.  What is funny is everytime I try and purchase clothing…. I always start with but have a real problem paying $65-90 for pants when they are from CHINA!  I really do not care for carhartt’s fit and “styling” but they are using UNION labor from Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala.  Which I believe is better?  🙂  Call me stupid…. but for $65-90 I expect United States pants…. Or at least Mexico.  🙂

Plus technically…. in China can’t they just assign people to a job, they also assign a wage and they determine if something it safe.  So China basically has a Union.  You could probably argue Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala unions are productive and worthwhile.  US unions have seemed to help states like Alabama that do not push unions.  Well probably because the worker are more accountable and end up getting paid more if you work?  The State union seems to be to involved in collecting money than helping their employees.  I honestly believe unions use to be and could be good…. but are not required constantly.  Businesses want workers happy and money is how you make people happy not demands.

Before anyone attacks me on Unions…. I just went to the DMV!  I am actually with you union guys…. I would have joined an union and worked for the state if I know the deal a long time ago.  END OF STORY…. I LOVE their work ethic and benefits!  🙂

BTW  This green lady is brilliant…. 7 mill, huge angry person mailing list, stalling to do anything, alienating a party, huge headlights.  It seems like she is trying to kill the poor DNC?  Very impressed.  Very smart.  Smarter than all the others for sure….

Everyone wants a handout?  But why?

I get it…. There is nothing worse then a changer stealing your money!  Maybe a vending machine?  This is not the point!  LOL 🙂  But lets be honest…. When you get ripped off do you honestly call?  Or get angry?  Sorry I do not.  I will get irate when a vendor has a crappy bill acceptor though and it will not accept my money.  Why does everyone not use MEI acceptors?

I have a Hamilton DRS…. Basically 2 separate changers in one box.  I got 2 calls today…. Why when I have changer problems must it steal $2 / $5 or $10?  Why?  Never $1?  Even when the last bill 98% of the time are ones?  Plus before you even think what I know you are thinking…. This is not a Rowe BC-100!  This machine works correctly and does not just keep accepting bills.  (Not saying Rowes are bad changers or always kept accepting bills!  I enjoy Rowe things.  🙂 )

4 Year Old Soccer and Politics / Society

While watching my son’s soccer games I was constantly wondering who was winning.  Sometimes there was no need to keep score!  If you know what I mean.  🙂  Other times it was pretty close…. But when there is no goalie the scores get kind of high some times.  (It is hard to keep track.)

Well my son wants to try t-ball…. T-ball has interesting rules.  No outs and of course no scores.  (Hopefully no hitting the ball!  This could cause violence later!  🙂 )

Take this election…. So what you hate the other party and your “team” lost?  Why would you cry about it loser?  Seriously  what is the worse thing that could possibly happen if you work?  I know the passing of the Affordable Care Act…. seriously I cried also!  Maybe I should have burnt down something?  🙂  Also I am very concerned about the environment…. We should harvest any and all our resources?

Also I endorse passing a law to have mandatory little league scores and you have to tell the losers they lost!  Bunch of losers…. My son’s soccer team was. JK How would anyone know?   They might have been AWESOME!   LOL 🙂  But they were really not….. My son was on their team.  He was to young.  Everyone had lots of fun though…. but that does NOT make you win.  But winning seriously is not everything….  It is the only thing!  JK 🙂

Big Belly Compactor / Trash Can

I hate to act like I thought of this idea also…. but I thought of this idea also. LOL 🙂 I have drawings somewhere? They claim different figures…. 5x – 8x times the amount of garbage.

The problem is they cost (I believe) 4k a piece…. at least that is what this person is quoting? I would like to purchase them but the lot is kind of large. Do you want to purchase some? LOL 🙂 They are pretty cool.

I walk down memory lane…. TRASH

I believe you need to just keep a positive attitude in life…. everything is great and it will be great! Or at least that is what my Wife keeps telling me. It is true though and I do feel better having a more positive surrounding and family around. One recommendation is to not watch the news or following politics.

Back to trash / good stuff…. I use to give everyone in my family my “best” garbage finds for Christmas. Usually clothing and something random like a book or figurine. Now I am not invited to Christmas. LOL 🙁

I remember the day well…. I pulled up to the car wash and there were no crows…. weird?  That was because I had an unique item in my garbage can a scarecrow? 🙂
Large stuff is always fun…. like a bumper or a huge heavy tire.  I would actually be interested how many tires I have gotten over the years?

A mattress always brightens my day! 🙂  Next time I should “donate it”!  LOL 🙂

I found 2 cash registers that looked like someone with a crowbar broke into them. I called the Police and I said that I thought it was Guthrie’s so they called another Police department but the detectives were off that day.  🙁 So the Police officers said to just throw them away. I did call the restaurant and they were robbed 2 weeks ago but they never called back to say if they wanted the registers.

The comments from NYPD are good also!  LOL  He is correct though…. the Police should at least pretend to be interest in this obvious evidence.

The above comment from NYPD…. reminds me what the Police told me when they saw the picture below.  “He is out past curfew”…. plus the Police gave the pictures back.  I asked “do you need the pictures?”  Just a side note here for Police departments….  The answer is actually “YES we need those pictures” and act interested and then throw the pictures away.  Okay?  🙂

Our government’s money hard at work? (20 unopened boxes of baby food + 2 boxes of cereal.)  No comment.

I also have found duffle bags of people’s worldly possessions. I am always torn with their items…. it was probably all their possessions they own…. but the bag was usually huge (which I needed to store), sometimes the bag had bugs in it and the bag always smelt like pure wet dog ass. I always keep the bags…. but the matter how long I keep the bags no one ever picked up any of them.

I have have had deers, snakes and dogs.

Before they moved this high school I believe my wash was a dumping ground for coolers and alcohol.  I also had a cooler full of nasty fish also a cooler of nasty meat (different times).

Full sets of car keys with key fobs!? Plus they are NEVER claimed? LOL 🙂

Microseven Security Camera for your Car Wash

I ened up purchasing 2 Hikvision camera instead

But I almost purchased this Microseven cameras…. the which is $120 and has wifi, built in storage (sd card) and free live streaming. You can also use it with blue iris and they sell their own NVR. $90

Actually looking at it…. I was going to purchase 4x 3mp version. $650 or $180 a piece.

The reason I posted the Microseven camera is it might be interesting to note how technology is evolving.  Wifi, build in storage and free live streaming from a camera that cost half as much as a camera 10 years ago.  It is really amazing.  You also do not need a DVR which is the best feature…. plus with the ip based cameras all you need is a wifi router and then you can search footage without a computer!  I probably replace at least 4-5 computers in 10 years.  I also replaced at least 3 dvrs.  Replacing cameras unfortunately is a wash because I had to replace them over the years.

These new cameras can also support NVRs which some have amazing features…. Hikvison’s computer software and I believe some NVRs?  (I have not looked yet though support logging car tags and counting people.  You should check out the manuals if you are interested…. pretty cool stuff.

Need a little help moving stuff?

Well I am busy…. I can not help you move anything sorry.  LOL 🙂  I have been moving a lot of stuff recently…. and this was just a little tip no one shared with me.  I had to figure this out myself.   I would normally just roll my ratcheting tie straps up and put them in a case.  But now I use these Kotap BB-6B Ball Bungees which are 6″….. they are great from holding everything together.  Also after loading all your crap onto a trailer there is nothing worse then having to secure the excess strap….. well now I just use the bungee.  They save a little time and really help…. it is also easier to get the bungee off then some stupid knot I made!  🙂  The 6″ size seems to be perfect for the straps also.

I would really recommend both of these: