Buyers guide to old used Coleman oval vacs

I didn’t know there was a difference and now I know why people complain about Colman oval vacs.  Might be because they are comparing about to separate products?  Also I feel bad when I was trying to sell my vacs I didn’t tell the buyer of the difference.  But I honesty didn’t know. Plus mine are the nice ones. :)

New style with large one door.


Old style small door…. Where you can not touch the bags.


Kind of sad….

Kind of sad how things change…. I remember Jarret J. Jakubowski JJJ and I wish he sent me my subscription. :) I think I got 2-3 issues and only 1/2 or my back issues? But who is keeping track! :) I meet him at some ICA show and heard him speak and he seemed like a really super nice guy and it actually didn’t bother me. About the only time something like that didn’t bother me…. kind of shows the impression he made. :)

I did get the unrelated SSCWN magazine.

I also remember the scary color scheme that Auto Care Forum was…. I did see Bill multiple times at the ICA shows. Never talked to him though….


Hamilton ACW-4-CRC important information!

Did you know that an acw4 could have a push pull credit card acceptor?  Neither did I!  Especially if you ever call Hamilton that seems like how they determine the difference between an acw4 and acw5?  Oh and I have proof!  From the defunk og sscwn…. Spring 1999.


Alloy Wheel Repair specialist


At what point should the city get involved and make it illegal for a mobile company to work on a right of way?  I mean technically it might be private property…..  So maybe the property owner should sue them?  If they didn’t already agree of course!  LOL  :)

What happens when 20 mobile lube and tire repair places park next to each other? Also why wasn’t he allowed to work at the dealership (Tameron Hyundai)?  I guess it’s a new car?   :) foam brush hose crap?

RIP October 12, 2013 – January 25, 2014


I have used a kr pre-made hose before and it lasted over 3 months of crap business.  :)  These hoses were trouble and I could tell they were crap from the beginning.  I also pulled the little crappy hose saver up multiple times (which came off in 4 days)…. I should have just thrown them away when I got them.  Luckily I have a spare!  I need to purchase some Goodyear pushlock hose and throw all these hoses away.

My official review and opinion on this product:  “If CWS sent me a refund for all the hoses and sent me free Goodyear pushlock hose to replace everything…. I would still be disappointed.  That’s how bad and annoying they were.” 

What I might have done wrong:  Purchased them in the first place?  I am thinking I should have reglued the hose saver?  All 4 were glued really bad?  But how would I have glued them?  The place I purchased them from couldn’t glue them?

Hamilton ACW 4 display working on an ACW 5?

Noritake itron

Sure why not?  :)   Try and find the info on Hamilton’s website first and let me know.  :)


Also I’ll purchase your Hamilton ACW 4 or Hamilton ACW 5 from you and not for what you want…. It’s not worth that much!  :)   I could care less what it cost new.  :) 17k? Why not adjust for inflation? LOL :) I also want to purchase a GoldLine and a Unitec Wash Select II.

Complete 4 bay self serve car wash equipment for sale – CHEAP! – LOOK


This is a HOT ebay lead to help Don sell his car wash equipment out of his Aloma Car Wash in Winter Park, Florida. I have to admit I would think he would be lucky to get $6,500 delivered to my house but you have to dismantle it! But Don will help you for a “small upcharge”.

One thing I hate about ebay is I was looking at this “auction” (which is actually a bin) and I was debating even bothering for $100! LOL :) I’m terrible! It would take you one day minimum and a truck or a trailer…. Around $500-1000 probably if it was free…. which it is not.

One note: Everyone is so concerned about pump stands…. this stand is cinder block on a ss plate. Works just the same as a Jim Coleman Super Saver…. also in this case it cost as much as a used Jim Coleman Super Saver…. just kidding Don!   :)    Stay strong my brother!   Wait….  I have those 2 kinds of vacs at my house now!  Did they make more then 2 of those?  :)

What! D/H doesn’t make there own vending machine? LOL :)

Apparently the Dilling Harris Max Vend II was made by Automatic Products International? The Automatic “C” Series? I have no clue! I’m not starting rumors…. I just found the manual in the pos vendor years ago. :)

I just picked up a broken Dilling and Harris Vend-Master! Or the master of vending? Apparently it’s a Seaga maybe? I haven’t researched it very much. I have to say this is the worse designed controller display ever….. it is protected by the clear sticker? What is this an inside unit? What a joke.

I plan on installing a lexan cover for the control board. Should be fine then…. Then I will sell it to you. :)

Worse design ever? Powerain…. Are they even in business?




The Powerain Stratus 3000 has the whole pumping station on the gantry. Which I guess is fine if you have no room in your equipment room?

But the electrical junction box has all the three phase coming through HOLES on the top of the box. Not to mention there is a water holding tank within 2-3 inches of the electrical box.

Of course the fittings are metal and rusted and leaked….. Filling the electrical box bottom with water.   :)  I don’t really know if non-matalic fittings would even matter?  I am surprised this machine didn’t blow all the electrical components….. or kill me!   :)


Yeah…. and don’t stare at my glasses!  There broken….. did you know that Nike flexon frames are made of titanium?  I know who cares!  But you have to apparently have a fancy welder a normal jeweler doesn’t have to fix them.  The guy I talked to said he wouldn’t bother trying to fix them because the weld also breaks easily on glasses?  Great…. and my prescription is expired!

Apparently the water and electrical thing won’t kill you? At least it didn’t kill the first person that it electrocuted. :) I warned them and sent them a picture…. Come on. :)