Can chemical companies make money at a >50% discount! Well…. YES! LOL :)

The Car Wash Chemical Price Argument….. I Say chemical companies can make money at a >50% discount!  Well I guess it is a fact?  LOL 🙂

Let’s face the facts…. chemical companies are making money off you! You might get 10-20% off but who care…. you are really not special.  Plus depending on the brand they are hiked up the price even more than others because of their name…. just to mark it down for your discount.  🙂  Plus everyone always argues about my chemical is the best!  BLA BLA BLA….  I remember talking to some no name chemical start up guy (backed by a large company)…. he took us out to eat at some fancy place.  He said he took the leading chemicals from different manufacturers and flat out got a chemist to copy the chemicals…. they were so pathetic that they even copied 1/2 the names of the chemicals.  (They were forced to change the names later.)  The thing to ponder here is this…. is this the only unethical chemical vendor?  I bet most except Simoniz are all pretty close.  Isn’t Simoniz just someone else’s chemical but they add random amounts of water?  I AM JUST KIDDING!  I have thought that in the past but it is just a joke…. Simoniz does not do that.  JOKE!  LOL 🙂

So when you purchase a tractor trailer full of chemical you get around this price below…. but I am sure if you purchase lots of trailers full you get a better price.  LOL 🙂  Plus this chemical we purchased was really pretty good…. I believe better than average.  I would actually prefer this chemical.  I also just purchase selfserve chemical…. this was a full line chemical manufacturer.

Tire Cleaner  55 gallon drum  $547.71  $273
PreSoak  55 gallon drum  $499.70  $249
Triple Foam  30 gallon drum  $611.29  $305
Wax  55 gallon drum $696.46  $348
Foam Brush  55 gallon drum  $320.89  $160

It is also nice when foam brush cost $160 for 55 gallons…. I remember having 2x 55 gallon drums of foam brush.  🙂  Which is really all water….. also another story!  LOL 🙂

These prices were from 2013…. they are old but you get the idea.  Plus the suggested price is a suggestion.  I went to a sales dinner (another nice restaurant) before and they sell above this number and mark down for volume.   Oh no…. Does that mean 10-20% is really not a discount then?   JK LOL 🙂

Blendco….. why is Blendco expensive?  Why is a mixer cool with an expensive product?  Yes I have heard your argument…. yes I have seen numbers and probably talked to more reps than you.  This is just something that defies logic.  “If person A has a hyper concentrate it is usually cheaper…. If person B uses a powder it is usually cheaper…. If person C uses a hyper concentrate and a powder it is more expensive.”  …..Okay logic here should be that the combination would reduce cost.  …..But while we are at it and since it is not cleaning that well let’s just try and add some more additive / powder to make it more expensive….. 🙂   Bad joke?

Organic Reach on Facebook…. Which refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page.

When hearing people talk about Facebook I believe no one understands you need to pay to contact your customers (just google the topic).  It will just get worse.  Sure FB will get replaced by other social sites…. I believe it is happening now.  But everyone has heard of FB and you have to pay them if you want people to view your content.  It is also not that big of a surprise either is it?  FB also has a very robust ad system.  But free ads and your follower seeing all your posts is gone….. just read about the topic…. you do not need to take my word for it.

This can also become a full time job…. you need to make sure your message is clearer than before 2012 (or around that time).  When every post went into everyone of your followers feeds…. things have changed.  Like everything else.


These images are from a wash with 4 locations and 200 likes and 190 followers.  They were running some promotions for cards and random awarness.  They post regularly….


All there text post had probably an average of 50 people view the post.  With an image it jumped to 100…. with a video 200 (but there was only 1 video 🙂 )  There are articles saying that FB likes videos though.

My believe in this complex social game is this…. sure play the social game.  But invest in a good website.  A good mobile website…. you could pay customers for their information through free washes or gifts and have their actual address or cell numbers.  This information you will never own from any social site…. you will only rent it.  After you own this data respect it…. you should talk about a marketing plan and how to implement one.  Just give me a call.  🙂

Birmingham Alabama Hand Wash / Detailing


I talked to this guy for a while…. Super nice guy.  I believe he is basically a bucket washer and he prefers a hose?  I believe he uses a car wash or washing from his house?  I thought the prices were interesting though and may help someone?

BTW another hand wash guy supposably made a deal with some megachurch up the street from my car wash.   He apparently washes cars while people are in church.  (He washes them at the church…..)  Which is a great idea….  Then the church gets a cut.

I have also fully supported multiple hand washers in the Birmingham Wylam area….. I am a sucker for helping locals I guess?  🙂  I actually asked one of the guys to try and talk to the preacher at the megachurch and offer a percentage (that is how I heard about the above story and other aspects).  Allegedly…. you can not discuss hand washing.  LOL 🙂

Best quote to describe abnormal people.  :)

Discussing the crime increase in Birmingham, AL.

“For example, we continue to have instances where people who knew each other were riding down the street in a car when one person shot the other. That’s not normal behavior for the vast majority of our community members,” the chief said. “Poor decision-making and risky lifestyles…..”

Really?  🙂  Thinking about it now…. Someone has pulled a gun on me before…. But I was robbed.  That was not normal!  LOL  🙂

Hamilton Dial-up CC Processing Discontinued

“Effective October 1st, 2016 Hamilton Manufacturing will no longer offer dial-up credit card processing for Gold Line Auto Cashiers.”

Wow…. that is convenient for Hamilton.  What BS…. I think I will just switch to DAN now.  LOL 🙂  I mean anything else that will process CC payments!   I like Hamilton…. But this just sounds like a money grap.  I assume their DAN sales did not go up high enough with the price drop?  How about this…. Release the DAN software for free?  What are you afraid of?  Everyone seeing how crappy it is?  No one is going to copy it…. both Hamilton and Unitec post screenshots of their apps already…. so they are probably the same?    Sell the parts to connect the stuff and do not support the pc?  Try something new…. you seem to be losing the car wash business.  If you use this idea I want a job…. your marketers and new products are poor for this industry.  (You also can not use my idea.)

Also how about discontinuing something old and antiquated…. like the XE validator?  I also heard the excuse for the new belts on the XE validator…. o-rings seems cheap and janky at best.  I feel better now…. besides this major problem with the CC.  I hate Unitec more…. I just hate the distributor thing sorry.  LOL 🙂

Hamilton entry units?

Does Hamilton not have an entry unit that allows for monthly subscriptions?  It seems the HTK, CTK, HHS and DAN do not support monthly subscriptions?  Just wondering.  Maybe that is why the majority of people for some reason purchase Unitec?

So is it worth $10 to actually call someone on the phone? $10

So just for a hypothetical example…. if this Samsung 32gb card broke (above) after about a week of use in a tablet.  Would you go through all the trouble of calling Samsung support and wasting over 30 minutes having to troubleshoot a crapping defective sd card?  Holly Korea…. it took 20 minutes trying to fill out their crappy service request form!  Just to figure out I had to interact with someone to get a replacement card.  Well after chatting with Deepkumar D for another 10-15 minutes….  I figured out I had to call 1-800-Samsung.  So let me get this straight…. this $10 card sells and makes money off of.  So this “card” is worth lets say…. $2-3?  Come on…. it cost the company more money for me to talk to their employees then to ship me a replacement you would think?  Not to mention and I hate to even mention this because every cry baby says this every time they have a problem…. I will never purchase a direct branded Samsung sd card.  Infact I purchased this card while chatting with DD.  Sure Samsung probably make the card!  LOL 🙂

My favorite exchange:

D: We are not trained on SD cards or option to access the tickets of SD cards. We do have dedicated support for SD cards and do not have any information about it. We do not wan to misguide you any way.

Me: ….It is broken I have plenty of sd cards…. Plus I believe you are an expert enough to figure out a sd card is broken. 🙂 I just want another card…. it is defective.

Sure Samsung has procedures…. but I am not happy and I actually ordered 2x SanDisk cards because I seriously will not purchase their brand again.  I also actually remember things unlike the majority of people.  LOL 🙂  AND YES I AM BEING A CRY BABY!  I already said I was being one!  My kids do it and always seem to get their way!  LOL 🙂

Can you spot the employee that is working? :)


You are correct I would never be a Police officer! I would also hate to work anywhere where one mistake at WORK could make you goto jail or get killed! Just think how many fast food employees would be in jail! Who would make our food! LOL 🙂

I also hate to say it… But why do motorcycle cops always drive around like they are filming Chips? Also besides writing tickets…. What is the purpose of using motorcycles?