CustomKraft Innovation Made Simple

I do not think CustomKraft would mind this plug and me reposting some of their pictures. I think more companies should act like they are run by real humans. I really like it. It also seems like they have a small factory…. but lots of employees. Also no welding in any pictures?

A side note…. when I started with website development/programming. All my sites were super fly and had frames…. well…. just like poor old CustomKraft’s website. 🙂 Give me a call CustomKraft I will redo it for you. 🙂 Plus…. please get rid of the noise when you click things! 🙂

CustomKraft MultiPressure System really could get a patent?

So I was emailing someone about CustomKraft equipment and did not remember the company’s name…. why would I? I have never actually seen their equipment in real life. Do you know why? The person I was emailing said it cost $77k for a 6 bay unit. LOL 🙂 To put that in perspective a Jim Coleman pump stand would cost $50k for the stand and an extra $12k with the spot free. Then the cheapest cheap stuff (Which looks like resturant shelves…. might not be but the design is repurposed from somewhere…. or worse design ever…. I believe.) Etowah Valley Equipment cost $22,699.85 supposedly they come off the price also (this is list).

Anyway I like the idea of CustomKraft equipment but since every car wash basically has the same system as described in their patent I am not sure how they got a patent…. sure they are describing bypassing and low and high pressure but no one ever did this? Well it does not really matter anymore…. their patent expired on or before August 31,2010.

The present invention generally provides a car wash pumping system which can dispense any number of additional chemicals at a low-pressure utilizing a high-pressure pump without the necessity of an additional pump, pumping controls, and fluid lines to the boom and wand assemblies. The present invention may be easily installed within existing car wash systems and is of a low cost and low maintenance design. Further, the present invention does not require additional lines to be run to the boom and wand assemblies thereby not requiring additional means to prevent the freezing of these lines, such as the application of heat tape or a closed loop system, both of which are time consuming to install and expensive to operate. Further, the present invention allows for the application of cleaning chemical solutions at a low-pressure to prevent the unnecessary waste of these chemicals as well as reducing the hazard of splashing these chemicals upon the operator.

One thing that is funny…. the only thing I have heard around this system is it is “wasteful”. Personally I understand the argument and yes purging the lines it technically wasteful but their system is still very high tech for old crusty 1982 tech! LOL 🙂

Also if you ever wondered how their system worked…. well I guess check out the patent?

Weldless Bulkhead – Stainless Steel

One of the problems I have with the Jim Coleman Super Savers are that none of the tanks have a drain at the bottom of the tank. This part would be a nice add on drain…. a weldless bulkhead. My problem is it would stick up to much…. a weld on version would be nicer. But a weldless bulkhead will be cheaper than a welder fixing Coleman’s equipment because an operator did not design it. 🙂

Jim Coleman Installation / Operation Owner’s Manual

I assume I received this manual when I received my Coleman Entry Wizard 2.0 ?  (It had a EW2 CD in it.)  It appears like Coleman just includes the same manual for all the equipment that needs to be installed?

I believe Coleman also uses the phrase “Operation Owner’s Manual” loosely….. to me this implies troubleshooting and operating instructions?

Did I miss something?  Let me know…. I did not look through the whole book.

BTW:  The wire diagram (picture below) is on a sticker inside of the Super Saver also…. so do not get to excited thinking the manual is important.  🙂


Yummy Angus Freezer Burned Hamburgers! :)


When you look in your deep freezer and see an item you did not realize you purchased….. Maybe it is time to clean out your deep freezer? LOL 🙂

It actually caught me off gaurd (I forgot what year it was I guess?)…. I said “it is only a year old…. it is not that bad”. Then my wife said “it says 2014!” Then it hit me! 🙂

So did the ICA Website get Worse?

So has the ICA website gotten worse? I thought that the ICA website use to have Carwash information on it?  So how are bad Consultants going to get information now? 🙂  All the website has now is just information on the upcoming events. Like shooting birds. 🙂

Has anyone attempted to replace the battery in a GinSan GS-400? Looks easy?

Basically I took it apart to the board.
Now I ordered the batteries and we will see?  Technically the measurement is 3.8mm….  I believe.  But I did not have my good caliper.  Plus I believe in the close enough measurement system.  LOL 🙂

GinSan charges $40 a timer plus shipping both ways.  Not having the batteries makes all the relevant features unusable but the basic timer functions work fine.  This battery basically make the clock work.  (I always wondered if that was the problem with Dixmor LED3 timers not working (they have an aa size panasonic battery in them)…. but never looked into the problem.)  So why no battery holder?  So customers can swap out the battery…. that is how computer motherboards are constructed?

One last thing…. I know the newer version of this timer has remote control capabilities.  But this timer is new enough that not having that feature is ridiculous.  Just saying…. the other features are way more advanced than all other timers…. that I have used.