Twice the ICE – Ice House America


Have you ever wondered how a Twice the Ice, ice machine / vendor worked? Have you ever wanted to watch a video on how Double the Ice comes out of the little house? I know, why would you? But I made a video for the one person that is interested. I get a lot of people searching for information so I thought, why not make a video?


Color Me Bad?


I guess this ass was listening to CMB and decided to color himself pink? Kind of appropriate for the CMB group. I could not watch the whole video, WOW. It was about as painful to listen to the song as it was to clean up the mess.




Maybe I should start a MC Hammer Fan Site? At least I found a video. Remember to “Stop – Hammer Time” and go buy some new pants.


Car wash totaled out two cars


Just a setup to explain more about the next pictures. This car was abandoned yesterday facing the sign.

The story is he was going 45mph (the speed limit) and his axle broke. This caused him to hit the pole (which knocks down the light), and then he hits the accelerator instead of the brake.


Destroys the curb again .


The abandoned car from yesterday (red arrow) has the perfect angle to cause the suv to make a u-turn right into the automatic. Yes the automatic.


Moves this car 90 degrees.


The suv hits the dryer arch, luckily not making it to the automatic and unfortunately missing the post. (The post is positioned there for just an event like this.) Super bad luck, but it could have been a lot worse. At least for the car wash. The two cars are more then likely totaled.


I was not the first person to take pictures though. What a surprise the suv needed to be towed.


After the accident the guy walks home calling his Dad and the Police. I did not think he came back from the video footage but I might have missed something. He did come back to say sorry I guess I missed that also. (Red arrows on the guy and the blue truck is his Dads.)



Wet flood and customer complaint


The floor of my equipment room was wet. I was wondering if it was a problem with my ro system because there was a small leak a couple weeks ago. I went out to one of the bays with a cone to close it, as shown above (proof).


This is the guy deciding not to get change but to move the cone and to test out the bay to get a free car wash.


I was in the equipment room and the ro system turns off and another low pressure function turns on. After a moment the high pressure turns on. Then I decide to walk out to see what is happening. I walk out and the guy immediately says “are you working on this bay?” I said “not any-more” as I move the cone and said “let me reset the timer for you so you can use the bay.” Which I did, then walked out of the equipment room again. Then he looks puzzled that the bay is reset and I guess he gets mad? (I am not sure how.) He starts talking about how I ripped him off the other day, with my mega time $4.00 thing and he only got 10 minutes. Then he starts repeating, “I am going to wash my car somewhere else and I am not coming back.” I was stunned and really did not have anytime to respond. Then while he was getting in his truck for the last time he says “I will not wash my car here again.” The only thing I could think of saying in return, Okay¬Ě. Then I watched dumfounded as he drove off.


This guy stole my garbage can lid. What an ass!




Truck looks like a F150 Supercab around 1990? Nice dent on the drivers side on the front hood. Missing bed liner on the sides, on the tail gate it is bend and missing the Ford strip and logo.


Because of this ass taking my garbage can lid. I had to visit my friends at the Hueytown Police Department. What a pain. But they were very nice and I have to bring the video to them tomorrow. E04


Better then Napster? File swapping


Setting up shop.


Harass everyone at the car wash to purchase your cds.


He sells lots of cds they must be cheap. He leaves right when I pull up. I can not really tell what the tag says, but this is what it looks like.