Archive | March, 2008

Nothing cool today


Nothing at all cool happened today, but it was cold this morning.  What is with this weather?  Where is this global warming people have been talking about?  The pollen does seem like it is very heavy this year, so maybe this year will be good?

I like the mud guy with the “jack things” cleaning out the bed of his truck.  I just did not have the energy to confront anyone today, but I did meet an old friend BC.

Employee entry card


Someone dropped this employee idenification card at the car wash.  I was going to keep it just in case someone called.  I forgot to remove it from my car windshield before leaving to go home.  This is right when I remembered it, (I was on a bridge) shortly after it flew off on the bridge.

Sign problems


My sign started to look a little worn out so I checked it out today.  It has been very windy lately and the bungee cords and rope were all worn out.  Also the main post for both signs needs to have a hole dug and concrete it back.