Happy birthday party!


I got to go to a 1 year old’s birthday party (sorry you were not invited).  The first picture is before she eats the cake.  The second picture shows the kid opening the presents (green arrow) and the birthday girl who gets the presents (red arrow). 

It is that time of year again!


No, not pollen season, it is TAX TIME!  I went to the Tax Women and I really did not realize how crappy last year was.  I have some excuses like drought and 2 express washes opened a mile away.  But it was just not a good year for me.

The last picture is my “Journal”.  I kick it old school unlike Allan Branch.  With his lessaccounting online accounting fancy thing, which is connected to those tubes the kids are talking about.

Is this a crime?


While going though the garbage all day, I found these.  This begs the question:  Is it a crime to throw away real replica parkay flooring?  Is it a crime to mark down such great flooring for $2.98 a box?  Is it a crime if I throw them back in the dumpster?

I remember my apartment in college had linoleum or vinyl flooring.  I remember walking in the kitchen and a tile stuck to my foot, those were the days.

Reference:  Armstrong Vernay Series Vinyl – Pattern 28620 (Just in-case you want to get some of these.)

My boom problem


It took forever to figure out what the problem was with the boom.  I installed a new shiny Mosmatic 90 degree swivel and it would still leak.  Took off the swivel and it looks like a good bit of the threads are semi-stripped.  So I really tightened the swivel down and the leak went away.  (This was the first time for that problem, I guess the car wash gods are eating away at the boom slowly and the booms life is coming to an end.)  Since I tightened the swivel more it made the swivel too high so you could not install the high pressure hose (because of the hp fitting).  So I had to make some extra room with my grinder.


While I was repairing the bay I decided to replace all the hoses and fittings.  I used the black hose (6 foot hp hose) in the boom, then a brass coupler, then a 4 inch piece of stainless steel piping (to prevent the boom from rubbing a hole in the hp hose), then a brass 90.  After I install that setup I added a 1 foot hp hose (swivel saver), next a swivel and then a 8 foot hose.  You could then do a swivel then the gun, but I left out that swivel.  I am not really sure you could tell the difference. 

This time I purchased these fancy Mosmatic in-line swivels.  They are shinny and look better for now.

Maybe someone could send in your bay setup and I could post some pictures?

New Hand Wash place


New Hand Wash place next to Maxway grocery store, the only grocery store in Wylam.  Now Wylam has another hand wash for $15 inside & out.  Why does the sign have a bunny rabbit?