Self Cleaning Solenoid?


When tire cleaner is just coming out of the high pressure gun it is bad news.  I was wondering what happened to all the tire cleaner in the equipment room?  The next 2 pictures are the solenoid and the piece of trash that caused all the problems.  It also came out all by itself.

Sensortron problem


Not really sure how this happens? But there was a coin jam.  Also some D/H Max-Vend II problems. I’m never quit sure why this happens. I guess it just likes to cause trouble.


NewNetMail is the “1st Email Replacement System!”.  What? I thought everyone started with Prodigy or AOL and now uses Yahoo, Microsoft Live, or Google web mail? Also, what kind of email service has an affiliation program? Who can say “thank goodness that truck drove by; now I have the best email service”? I know!  I can!  Now I have a private email account no one will know about or ever use.


The other signs that are on the truck were and

“Wreck Boyz” or the “Wreck Squad”?


Someone spray painted “CRTP” from the “Cultural Restoration Tourism Project” on this house. Which is interesting because I would think they would not hang with the “Wreck Boys”. Or either it was “crip” with the top of the “T” spray painted out.  Also they spay painted “OBluE” because the paint is blue.


The “Wreck Squad” will “wrak” things!  Is the gang’s name “Wreck Boyz” or the “Wreck Squad” or are there multiple gangs?  I want to know!

Truck questions?


What makes a trailer “Super Heavy”?  I would have to say all trailers would be “Super Heavy” because I can not lift any of them.


Ram 2500 “Big Horn Edition” I did not see any horns on the truck, like the second picture.

Hydrominder Problem


This is an interesting problem where the pvc looks like it is not level and makes the hydrominder stick. I am not sure how this problem just started though. It was leaking into the presoak tank and on the floor. I also have an action packed video.


UPDATE:  Solution