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Look What I Got For Easter!


I know it is a little late and it is not close to Easter but check out my gift!  A POOPING bunny!  Yes just like real live bunnies this “funny bunny” will….. well just let the package sum it up “he walks and poops jelly beans!”  Then after the bunny poops the jelly beans they become “jelly bean treats!”  I love my pooping bunny so much here is a video!

Funny commercial?

It is a Southwest Airlines wanna get away car wash commercial. Not really a positive car wash industry commercial but it is funny (Maybe the ica should investigate or release a press release?). 4 things are drastically wrong though.

1) Rowe changers are always out of order. 2) How long would a $50 high pressure nozzles last before stolen? 3) A restroom at the carwash? 4) I forgot the last one……

MEI credit card bill system – in use


IRS note:  Now the 10 Pepsi drinks I purchased from this Pepsi machine are all a tax deduction.  At only $3 a piece that is a large deduction.  They were actually a good deal because inside the ICA show they cost $3.25.

This is really an update of the previous post on the MEI credit card bill system.  The second picture shows the antena locating for the vending machine.  I really like this bill acceptor and if you watch the exciting video the first time I swipe my card it was not read (which was the only time that happened with my research) the credit card is in very poor condition.