Has anyone attempted to replace the battery in a GinSan GS-400? Looks easy?

Basically I took it apart to the board.
Now I ordered the batteries and we will see?  Technically the measurement is 3.8mm….  I believe.  But I did not have my good caliper.  Plus I believe in the close enough measurement system.  LOL 🙂

GinSan charges $40 a timer plus shipping both ways.  Not having the batteries makes all the relevant features unusable but the basic timer functions work fine.  This battery basically make the clock work.  (I always wondered if that was the problem with Dixmor LED3 timers not working (they have an aa size panasonic battery in them)…. but never looked into the problem.)  So why no battery holder?  So customers can swap out the battery…. that is how computer motherboards are constructed?

One last thing…. I know the newer version of this timer has remote control capabilities.  But this timer is new enough that not having that feature is ridiculous.  Just saying…. the other features are way more advanced than all other timers…. that I have used.

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