ICA SUPPORTS SHOOTING GUNS! Gun Rights, the Second Amendment and also Killing Birds! It seems?


Good Job….  I was shocked also!  What the International Carwash Association supports!  But I might be reading too much into their shooting field trip?  It has a picture of people with guns and birds and states….  “Two plantation style quail hunts, with guides and dogs.”  “Ammunition, extra birds, bird cleaning, transport coolers”  If I am wrong let me know?

Plantation style quail hunts?  What does that even mean….  No drive by style bird shooting from a golf cart?  Not for ME!  So what does “extra birds” even mean?  Why would you want 1?  There is this magical place called a grocery store. 🙂  Plus “bird cleaning”…. I have cleaned bird poop off my car?  I would pay someone $.90 to do it for me!  I think they are referring to something else though?  🙂

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