GinSan Meter Door Pictures

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5 1/2″ or around 140mm…. If you insist on using an irrational measuring unit?  I mean the metric system makes absolutely no logical since!  LOL 🙂

The doors came with a MEI acceptor but I assume any 24 volt acceptor would work?


Each square is an inch…. But it fit and was shipped in the above box.


I put all the items in one box. I would need to add foam padding or something. But it is tight…. but it would fit. I included pictures to show you what it would basically look like. Also if you had a problem with it?

Your other problem might be import taxes or duties? Not sure if you pay that though…. so if the claimed amount is $600 then the shipping amount might go up? We can do the whole transaction through ebay or I can invoice you? You can decide.

After you purchase the items through ebay I could just send you a paypal invoice for the difference. I could then sell the items for $40 less to you. Paypal will still be taking $15 off the invoice. 🙂 The $40 will makeup the shipping difference for you.

ebay $100 + shipping: $180
Paypay invoice: $460
You pay: $640 (or around that)

Basically you get half your shipping money. I am really not sure you can save on the shipping any other way?

Let me know.
[email protected]