Coleman Shampooer Problem – Update


Now is the time to test the group of fittings that connects to the right of the solenoid. This is really bad because you have to take off the whole back panel.


Well I took off the panel to remove the solenoid and I had to take a picture (second picture) what was behind the panel. (The solenoid was being held on by 2 screws.) So I took off the group of fitting and they look totally clogged with rust. The barbs are the same way. I believe the only way to fix this problem is to order a new part from Grainger.

Foam brush problem in Wylam!


What happens when there is a problem with your foam brush in Wylam?  Someone just steals your foam brush!  (Easy)  The problem was the solenoid wires were corroded / had a bad connection causing the foam brush not to work.  Which in turn caused me to get a foam brush stolen!

I hate it when I “know” what the problem is!


So the problem is the high pressure wax function does not work in one of the bays.  First I decided there was crap in the hp wax solenoid.  So I slowly starved the pump of water to pull the crap out of the solenoid.  That did not work so I removed the solenoid to clean it, which did not work.  So I decided the problem was with the needle valve which I just removed all of them, that did not help.  Then I pulled out my voltmeter and checked to see if I was getting voltage from the switch to the equipment room which I was not (I am getting somewhere!).  So now I need to figure out how to check a rotary switch.  I need to give Greg a call!

Foam brush weep system


I hooked up my foam brush weep system today.  The check valve at the far end is used as a plug because I did not have one with my today.


I just attached the foam brush weep to one of the pumps weep lines for now, but I will need to purchase some parts and mount it better later.  The last picture shows the weep solenoid on the far left which is where I will be mounting the weep line.

Time for the weep system


I connected my Dixmor DX-1000 Weep Mizer to my new Jim Coleman equipment.  The second picture shows how the hose is connected to the pump.  The next picture shows the solenoid connected to city water pressure.  Last picture is the solenoid power and constant power supply.

Coleman solenoid problem


Who would guess that if you leave a pumping unit unused (for 2 1/2 years) a solenoid might get clogged up.  Actually, I only had one clogged solenoid which had a clump of dried up chemical clogging the spring.