Water Wizard Leak!


There was a leak I just could not find.  I would fix a little leak and then the floor would still be wet.  It was driving me crazy, but in retrospect you should be able to look at the first picture and realize what the problem is.


The high pressure hose is sitting on the large electric motor for the Water Wizard.  So the top of the hose was not leaking and the bottom half was wet and has a small drip.  But when the motor cuts on or you move the hose away from the motor the leak looked pretty bad.

The high pressure hose is 4 feet long by the way.

Vacuum Motor Problem


Look and see if you can spot the problem with the vacuum motor.  The dome on the vacuum was luckily not hurt.  I also added a new gasket.  I stuck it on the vacuum motor just like Greg taught me!  JK Greg.

Coleman Shampooer Problem – Update


Now is the time to test the group of fittings that connects to the right of the solenoid. This is really bad because you have to take off the whole back panel.


Well I took off the panel to remove the solenoid and I had to take a picture (second picture) what was behind the panel. (The solenoid was being held on by 2 screws.) So I took off the group of fitting and they look totally clogged with rust. The barbs are the same way. I believe the only way to fix this problem is to order a new part from Grainger.

Morgan Road Car Wash


I drove by the Morgan Road Car Wash today.  Greg purchased it a couple days ago.  They have put in another automatic and gone up on there self-serve prices from $2.00 to $2.50!  So since December 10th, 2005 they have only gone up $.50….. inflation definately has not hit the self-serve market!

If you are interested, the wash has 2 Jim Coleman Water Wizards: 1 is the original while the other is a new 2.0 non-profiling.  It has 2 Hamilton entry units and also a Jim Coleman Space Saver pumping unit for the self-serve bays.